Friend, former Joystiq editor Andrew Yoon passes away at 29

On Thursday, January 29, friend and former Joystiq editor Andrew Yoon tragically drowned while on vacation in Austin, Texas. He was 29.

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christocolus2330d ago

wow. so sad. he even had a game planned for release at the end of this month. rest in peace.

Kingthrash3602330d ago

..................... *moment of silence*......................

thekhurg2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Drowning and burning alive ... absolutely terrifying ways to leave this Earth.

XisThatKid2330d ago

Damn I'm only 6 months 30 and feel blessed to hear someone pass younger than you. So sorry to hear this news. So eerie to die so young.

mikeslemonade2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

This one of the reasons why I don't travel even though I have the capital to do so.

I would suspect foul play. That say he was a weak swimmer but come on the water isn't that deep. They said 7-8 feet deep. Andrew Yoon is a smart guy surely he would have tried to jump when he touched the ground.

And who goes swimming by the themselves when they travel to visit friends? Sounds suspicious.

masterfox2330d ago

damn!! sad very sad news, rest in peace my fellow gamer...

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frostypants2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Yep. Condolences to his friends and family. For everyone else, be careful out on the water. Fatigue can sneak up on you like you wouldn't believe. Doubly so if you've been drinking (not sure if he was). Almost happened to me once.

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JackBNimble2330d ago

Fatigue should have absolutely nothing with drowning in calm, reasonably warm water, if you really know how to be in that water.

I really didn't want to join in on this conversation until I read your comment .

Just stop already, a man died and you figure that fatigue shouldn't be an issue ? smh ....

Black-Helghast2330d ago

Cobra, shut the fuck up. Swimming and walking are two different things.. I can't die while walking while I almost drowned when I turned 18 if it hadn't been for my friend that saved my life.

tmh35932330d ago

i believe you guys didnt quite fully understand what cobra was trying to say

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Gazondaily2330d ago

Rest in peace. Too young :(

PoSTedUP2330d ago

dam man, so young. sorry your family is mourning for you right now, bro. RIP.