Kingdom Hearts 3: Cable Town Art Concept Suggests Core Flowmotion Mechanic

Flowmotion may be the first thing you need to learn in the game.

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DarkOcelet1354d ago

While the video is very interesting, i think i will wait for a game news because nothing in the video is actually confirmed and those looks more like chains than cables. And i dont think it will be called Cable Town lol. But its Flowmotion idea would be great.

-Foxtrot1354d ago

Oh great use a mechanic from a side game as a core mechanic

This is why doing spin off after spin off on different platforms is never a good idea.

DarkOcelet1354d ago

Birth By Sleep had an amazing mechanics that i would want to see implemented in KH3. I also hope the minigames like the board game are in the game because they were very fun/addictive/useful for leveling up abilities. That was a genius idea.

DiscoKid1354d ago

What's wrong with expanding on a fun idea?

-Foxtrot1354d ago

Because sometimes you can overcomplicate the gameplay mechanics

Less is more.

smashman981353d ago

Why are your views always so negative chill out bro. Flowmotion was cool I feel it added to kingdom hearts fast pace and high velocity gameplay style really well. It could've been better integrated in 3d but I honestly feel the idea came late in the cycle with that being said now it's an idea from the beginning and they can expand on it and make it better.

elninels1353d ago

Did you play DDD? I have complaints, but flowmotion ia not one of them. Also I think we should expect this, they mentioned increased maneuverability.

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GamesGamesGames1354d ago

Kingdom Hearts' story is almost insane at this point. I wonder if they are able to bring all the nods together in 3