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Dying Light is the new zombie game from the creators of the original Dead Island. Adding parkour to the first-person melee combat and crafting of the original, it has the appearance of a game suffering something of an identity crisis, packed with repurposed elements but lacking a clear direction. Review copies arrived late, causing eyebrows to raise in suspicion, and after several days and nights with the game, I’ve emerged with extensive thoughts.

Curiosity kills the cat-like. I've perfected my parkour and can scarper up the side of a building faster than Peter Parker. Thanks to agility and power upgrades, I can effectively sprint across the scalps of a zombie mob, kicking a few craniums into touch as I go.

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MAULxx1354d ago

I'm going to skip it in favor of Dead Island 2.
8 player coop (drop in drop out?), guns & vehicles ftw!

Grave1353d ago

If you like Dead Island you owe to yourself to play DL. Why not play both? win win.

MAULxx1353d ago

Because I dislike parkour & I have watched a friend play it over shareplay. It just doesn't interest me anywhere near Dead Island 2.
The eight player coop, guns & vehicles just sounds overwhelmingly more fun.

Crazay1353d ago

you spelled "what" wrong in your title