Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono Discusses Street Fighter V’s Cast, Charlie’s Return

Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up that Street Fighter V will have a large roster at launch, as Capcom plans to keep the roster count “small”.

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masterfox1408d ago

I don't think it can be any worse than the new Killer Instinct when was released on the xbone.

Xman2K1408d ago

Man I wish they would add the kof fighters, I'm loving sf 4 but the kof characters are just so much better. I need Cap vs Snk 3

Dhampir1408d ago

Wouldn't get my hopes up for their netcode being as good as Killer Instinct's.

"they couldn’t justify including both Charlie and Guile in the same game"
^Yet they could justify Ryu, Ken, Gouki, Gouken, Sakura, Dan, Sagat, Evil Ryu, and Oni?!

ZHZ901408d ago

I doubt that there would be bunch of shotos as long as the roster is short. And don't expect many of those return.

For the record, Gouken is not shoto.

DarkOcelet1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

This is really bad, a small roster wont make newcomers learn the moves or skills easily. Because usually they choose whoever suits them and stick with him/her, it seems they will nickel and and dime us the rest of the characters as dlc, Sigh. Guess its best to wait for Ultra SFV because Ultra SF4 had 44 characters. Capcom is really broke these days. If only they leave behind the %&%itty dlc practices and stop making their franchises developed outside Japan. They would have made much more money by now.

Yi-Long1408d ago

Of course they'll nickel and dime us; It's Capcom!

lemoncake1408d ago

Especially when it comes to street fighter, it's not street fighter if we don't end up with a super ultra turbo edition.

ZHZ901408d ago

Even if it is small roster, you still haven't seen the full cast of characters, you should be getting it for the game not for your favorite character(s) whethr in or not.

If Ryu was not in that game and I bought it, I would have got used to someone else instead of Ryu(He is my main).

DarkOcelet1408d ago

If charlie is there and Guile is not, that would really be very disappointing. I want my favorite characters to be there too. Why is that wrong? Because maybe i gotten used to their move set so much that i dont want to play only with those.

If Tekken 7 doesnt have Nina or Yoshimitsu, i will really be pissed.

If MKX doesnt have Subzero or Scorpion, i would be angry so in here its the same case.

ZHZ901407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I understand how does it feel if your favorite doesn't make it to the game, but tbh I think we shouldn't judge the game until we know the full cast of characters no matter how the roster is small(16 characters for example) because may end up liking it just look at Xbox fans loving KI with small roster and not complaining about it at all.

What really matter with me are gameplay(ofc) and the characters themselves(like Good/Bad, Unique or not etc), I may not like the roster no matter how big it is which makes me believe that we shouldn't judge it before we know all characters with gameplay and release date.

It was nice talking with you.

ParanoidFreak1408d ago

Who cares? The game looks just like SF4 anyways. Be wise and wait for the inevitable SUPER and ULTRA versions Capcom is 100% going to produce to milk this game.

Silly gameAr1408d ago

Way to be a downer and try to push your opinion on other people. Luckily, people can think for themselves.

doritos1408d ago

He is still right, as far as history is concerned. I can't believe that people defend a small roster for a fighting game. Must be the platform, not the game for these folks.

ZHZ901408d ago

How many characters for so far for KI Xbone Exclusive?
Nothing but less than 18 characters + with Season Pass I doubt that they will be larger than 18 characters.

Btw they are still lots of people care about SFV, whether platform or not. I have been a Capcom Fighter fan since SF2. While buying launch PS4, I never knew that SFV would be exclusive and I am glad I have made a good choice being a SF fan.

doritos1408d ago

I don't know anything about KI. I don't have the xbone. PS4 only.

Capcom will milk this game, a small roster is just the beginning. That's how they roll.

I would just about bet money that PC gamers will find the rest of the roster hidden away, waiting for someone to buy the unlock.

weirdo1408d ago

i only use ryu, so i'm ok with this. would like to see alex/hugo/shin akuma...

pompombrum1408d ago

I hope the roster isn't going to be too small.. I mean it would be unrealistic for them to make the roster as big as Ultra but unless they plan on offering a proper SP experience, the average gamer has to question just how much value will be in the final experience, they can't go and pull a Street Fighter 4 this time around, especially when you look at the amount of content developers like Neverrealm Studios put into their game.

DarkOcelet1408d ago

MKX and Tekken 7 looks a bit more interesting right now. Hopefully the content is big in the game.

pompombrum1408d ago

Yup, both are going to be huge, I hope they are successful and Capcom see this and decide they need to go the same route. I'm all for them playing the "for the new players" card providing it doesn't simplify the game too much but to lure in the new players, they have to offer a complete package this time around.

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