Dying Light Easter Eggs include the Master Sword, Super Mario, others

Dying Light has more Easter Eggs than just the Destiny loot cave. There’s Plants vs Zombies, Super Mario Bros., and even one from Techland’s own Dead Island.

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garypugh19601355d ago

Also a classroom in the school has NCC-1701A beside the door. Also another huge cave near where you start collecting Wolfsbane for a quest. Full of water and Volatile.

RG_Dubz1355d ago

If you go back to where you get the EXPcalibur Sword, you'll find the blueprint to make the EXPcalibur Sword yourself. ;)

lashes2ashes1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

It drops from the first zombie you kill with it.

BellePelouse1355d ago

For me, it droped from the corpse from wich I took the sword, it burned for a while than it was there