Cloud's Outfit Coming to Final Fantasy XIV, Brings Some Final Fantasy VII Flavor to PS4, PS3 and PC

During the latest Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live Naoki Yoshida announced the new veteran reward for 720 days of subscription.

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vishmarx1448d ago

oh crap now everyone will either be cloud or lightning

Dhampir1448d ago

Have to pay for 2 years of subscription to get it. Doubt you'll see that many clouds.

Reibooi1448d ago

Alot of people only wear the new stuff for a little bit and then return to other things. The hair styles in the game are a a good example of this. When a new one is added everyone likes to use it but after a few months less are using it.

Also they made the Lightning armor dyeable and it does a lot to make it not even look like Lightning's cloths. I would hope they are doing the same thing here because then people could have different little spin on it.

Kal-V31448d ago

It's like Square just keeps jerking off FF 7, but it never comes.

Kumomeme1448d ago

nothing can do.. FF VII is one of square's gold mine and pride in various ways

NukaCola1448d ago

You will get a fraction of the FF VII lore until the day Square Enix finally goes under and out of business. Then when the repo men come in and search the office building, they will find a vault in the basement with millions of copies of the Final Fantasy VII remake for PS3 just piled on the floor.

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Rachel_Alucard1448d ago


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WizzroSupreme1448d ago

I hope that includes Cloud's hair.