Opinion: Derailing the Hype Train

Year after year we see games hyped endlessly, only to see them fall far short of expectations. Often times, there were signs that the games aren’t going to deliver. From inexperienced developers biting off more than they can chew, to publishers farming out franchises to whatever studio happens to be free at the time, the reasons are numerous. Obviously not every game that has these issues ends up disappointing, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be wary the next time we’re told that a game is “The Next Big Thing!” or will be the “X-killer.” Here’s what should probably be kicked off the hype train in 2015:

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Kingdomcome2471450d ago

If you write an opinion piece I'll respect it if it's sensible, and doesn't spread misinformation. Some of these games may well fall flat, but why lie in saying, "Already opinions of the beta have been mixed, with the best praise being “well, it’s better than the last game.”, regarding Halo 5? That's so far from the truth. At least it was all on one page.