Only Hours Left, Download D4 Now You Goons

So folks, this is your last chance to download D4… and this bears repeating… for free.

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Allsystemgamer1356d ago

It's not really unique...but it is good

christocolus1356d ago

imo its one of the most unique games ive played and others i know feel the same way.the kinect controls also work very well.

SegaGamer1356d ago

I don't have an Xbox One yet but when i do i'm going to have a nice collection of games ready for me to play :D

TheWackyMan1356d ago

Too bad it will never be finished.

christocolus1356d ago

you can't tell. Phil actually wants to give the game a chance. he seems pretty positive about the franchise atleast that is what he stated on the first chapter away with GWG will only give the game more exposure and get moreplayers on board for a sequel.

Volkama1356d ago

This is my concern. I play episodic games when the final episode releases, and I don't know if D4 will get that far. Some confirmation that the next episodes are in development would be nice.

obelix991356d ago

Its a very weird game, but entertaining. I enjoyed it.

WizzroSupreme1356d ago

No, I refuse to if it means I'll be called a "goon."

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The story is too old to be commented.