Enjoy Twenty Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From Triad Wars - F2P MMO Game Based On Sleeping Dogs

United Front Games has released a video showcasing twenty minutes of gameplay footage from Triad Wars.

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C-H-E-F1452d ago

looks like they didn't even try to change anything from the engine. looks like DLC smh.

BC_Master_Haze1452d ago

Free DLC, and honestly as a person who never played sleeping dogs this could turn me onto the series.

brich2331452d ago

its a good game, better than saints row for sure.

joab7771452d ago

It is sleeping dogs exactly...but as an mmo. I guess if you want more, here it is.

WizzroSupreme1452d ago

Loved Sleeping Dogs. Don't know if I'd want that experience again, though.

SamPao1452d ago

That soubds good actually. So you do not have to pay to enjoy it but are free to do so :) I like that concept

urwifeminder1452d ago

Needs a half time dance off or some form of amusement, let me guess tons of unlockable gun bits , tech trees up the wazoo some hats blah blah grind it up. Put in 30 hrs for a .09% more powerful barrel guy buys pack and wins.