Movies Based On Games, Are They Good?

Join James and Jason as they discuss movies which are based on videogames! Are they really a good idea? Can they effect the perception of a franchise? Listen to our opinions on the subject.

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thorstein2501d ago

If you take the Resident Evil movies for what they are, they are pretty good. Popcorn, some sodas, sit back and enjoy an action flick, then yes, they can be.

Some can be sorrowfully awful.

TheWackyMan2501d ago

Wait, are you saying the resident evil movies aren't comedies?

-Foxtrot2501d ago

Nope because they never follow the source material fully

I'd rather have an awesome "copy and pasted" movie of a game then a crap one which doesn't even resemble the game

If it's like the games and even with ones like Uncharted where they could basically use the exact script then I wouldn't mind because it's not for us...the audience is focused on people who haven't played the games

Every movie so far has strayed as far as they can from the source material don't you think they would try something different and go the other way.

Knightofelemia2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

It depends on the story the actors portraying the video game characters who the director is. And how close the story is to the actual game. The first Mortal Kombat movie was great so was Tomb Raider, a couple of the Resident Evil movies, the short Assassins Creed 2 movie was great. Everything else is just rushed without a thought and put on the big screen and after that its just shit like the Street Fighter Movie. And then the studios bitch because the movie flopped on the big screen.

Movies based on games are a lot like Superhero movies if done wrong they are crap like the Superman Returns movie with Kate Bosworth or the George Clooney Batman. To name a few movies. Its also like comparing movie games there are a few which are ok and fun to play and others are rushed to make a quick buck.

If they want a movie based on a game done right they need to sit and think and plan a head about the movie. And remember if done wrong you can piss of fans of videogame franchise. But everything today is rushed without a care. And a really great videogame movie is rare to find.

getrektedmate2501d ago

It depends what game the movie is based on...