Reasons Why Gran Turismo 7 Will be Worth the wait

PS4Home: "Sony could have rushed the release of Gran Turismo 7 and made it a console launch title, however, it would have most likely turned out like Forza 5 did for the XBOX One."

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hennessey861358d ago

Gran Turismo 7 VS Forza Motorsport 6
Clash of the titans, can't wait.

hay1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

There will be no clashing.
GT6 plays better than anything on the market being the oldest competetitor this gen.

Any GT newer than 6 is mindboggling. Despite the obvious boring updates like visual density, there are only few things that GT series is missing. Sandbox, physical representation of the vehicle's body, better physics update rate, and retextured tracks for dynamic lighting. The promised GPS map maker will be tits also.

Apologies to any Forza, pCARS or Assetto Corsa fanboy, I've extensively played them all, only GT6 is quality enough to make me want more.

freshslicepizza1357d ago

forza 6 is coming this year and gt7 likely next year but we will probably see something on the game at e3.

gt7 is going to be a monster of a game and hopefully bring back the console community in japan.

chikane1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Yes another reason is Its gonna be the only racing game with ps2 hd cars. Yea disagree with me all you want but its fact.

MysticStrummer1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

This is obviously some new use of the word fact. It's fascinating how language evolves over time.

OT - "It isn’t just PS4 gamers who are craving an awesome racing game right now, XBOX One owners are also in the same predicament. Forza 5 didn’t become the blockbuster release many XBOX One gamers initially expected, and The Crew wasn’t quite the title many PS4 gamers were hoping for either, even though it looks absolutely stunning. The fact is, neither console has yet seen a jaw-dropping racing release."

Well, I made it to the end of the first paragraph before bailing out.

Sales have nothing to do with how awesome a game is, and The Crew does not look absolutely stunning. I can't speak for the XB1 crowd but I regularly play a racing game that makes my jaw drop every time. It's called Driveclub.

PSG4MER1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Driveclub was a visually stunning game, but how can you compare it to the upcoming GT7? "Sales have nothing to do with how awesome a game is" So what you're saying is that 'graphics' do (Driveclub). And the idea that a great game dosen't sell isn't generally correct - perhaps Rockstar's GTA V is a good example?

MysticStrummer1358d ago

I didn't compare Driveclub to GT7 in any way, I didn't say graphics make an awesome game, and I didn't say a great game doesn't sell.

sprinterboy1357d ago

mysticwe have one called driveclub

SoapShoes1358d ago

Well it's a damned if they do damned if they don't kinda scenario. If they leave them we'll have obnoxious brats like you who don't have a PlayStation screaming this and if they remove them people like you will complain about how they dropped in car count.

Me personally I don't want any of them to go as I love quite a number of standards(which have been highly improved in GT6) are too obscure to likely be fully modeled. My solution is have all standard cars be a free dlc pack that's optional so no one can complain about them being in the game or unavailable.

IRetrouk1358d ago

I never had a problem with standards and couldnt understand why people had such a problem with them, i always seen them as a bonus, you didnt even have to use them if you didnt want either. Anyway im sure gt7 will be great they have not made a bad gt yet so my hopes are high.

JackBNimble1358d ago

haha... Yes another reason is Its gonna be the only racing game with ps2 hd cars. Yea disagree with me all you want but its fact.

So you must be an insider to have all this Factual information about GT7. Or is this just your best guess?

otherZinc1358d ago



Also, Forza Motorsport 5 is the ONLY AAA Exclusive Next-gen Title running
1080p 60fps Locked! Period!

CernaML1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

It's also the only next gen racer that doesn't even feature day to night transitions. Something that even its last gen rival has been doing.

majedx91357d ago

-_- dose your forza have NURBURGRING 24 HOUR??

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DaGodKing1358d ago

all they have to do is lower the car count/dupe's and make all cars premium i have no other complaints

Matt6661357d ago

They also need to improve engine sounds, have full dynamic damage, make the ai smarter and more challenging

No_Limit1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

"Sony could have rushed the release of Gran Turismo 7 and made it a console launch title, however, it would have most likely turned out like Forza 5 did for the XBOX One."

Oh please, All 200 plus car models and all tracks from forza 5 were built from the grounds up...not recycling the same car model from the PS2 days to increase count. Both Forza 3 and 4 were better rated console sim racing games than gran turismo 5 and 6 even though gt5 had the advantage of a long development time and took forever to release.

No doubt gt7 should be a great sim racer for PS4 owners but it is not MS and turn-10 fault that Sony takes ages to release their games. Driveclub also had an extra year of development time and it still not in the league of Forza 5 or Horizon 2.

A site known as PS4HOME downplaying another racer from another console. .lol, expected

Speak_da_Truth1358d ago

Ahhhh!!! it's No_Limit. Why am I not surprise??

SoapShoes1358d ago

Yeah but the 400+ cars in GT6 are even more detailed than those cars built for Forza 5. Obviously For a beats it in lighting and AA but it's sad that their models are outdone by last gen cars.

No_Limit1358d ago

Gt6 uses the same assets and model as gt5. It doesn't even have any cars that let you view the complete exterior in 360 mode and the interior. Forza 4 had 24 cars that are available in autovista mode and turn-10 did it beter on Forza 5 with auto vista available for EVERY car. It must be a heavy workload to have over 200 cars ready for launch for Forza 5 and I just LOL at those people that downplay the car counts of Forza 5 when games like Gran Turismo and Driveclub never have it and DC released only 50 cars a year late.

IRetrouk1358d ago

You do realise the in car view in gt lets you see the front and back of the car???? In forza the back view is bonnet cam. You have to go into a special mode to see the "whole car" in forza. Although i do love both series to be honest, am actualy playing horison 2 at min.

hay1357d ago

I'm guessing you have never seen a GT game. There's a full interior view called headtracking, in-race, not a separate mode because they couldn't handle high res model on-track simultaneously.

The tracks drive completely different than in GT5, I see you make your mind from screenshots.

Any GT6 standard car drives better than any Forza game car in addition to more than 300 normal(not upscaled) vehicles and more than a dozen of Vision GT which are a league on their own.

There's simply no logical formula that puts any game in front of GT6. "Looks great"? Play the looks, go ahead. I've played the looks with pCARS and Forza.

And here I will put an official line between racing simulators like Gran Turismo or Asetto Corsa and emulators like pCARS and Forza.

DigitalRaptor1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

No_Limit spreading misinformation about Gran Turismo, whilst simultaneously downplaying DriveClub. All in the name of defending Forza 5, a game that was truly and undeniably rushed to launch, like the article says.

How.... unsurprising.

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fanboysmackdown1358d ago

How hilarious this article. When has a Gran Turismo game ever been rushed? They've made a grand total of 6 in 18 years so this article must be a joke, right? Are you that desperate for traffic Mr. author?

IRetrouk1358d ago

7 dont forget gt psp, cracking little version. And all the prototypes and prologues lol

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