Improved Version of Taiwan-Made PS4 Exclusive Knights of Valour Shown in Taipei; Delayed to Summer

The Taiwanese software house International Game System is known for its Knights of Valour series of side scrolling beat'em up arcade games, and back at Tokyo Game Show it announced the new installment of the franchise, Sangoku Senki: Knights of Valour, coming exclusively for PS4 as a free to play downloadable title.

The company showcased the game again at Taipei Game Show, and announced that this is a much improved version. According to the announcement, a focus testing group of over 100 people was used to gather feedback, producing a much better version of the game with added voices and effects.

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Ame_No_Shiryuu1408d ago

If only it doesn't have a puppet doll like movement aka web flash game.., that's my only concern though..

Masterofwiiu3ds1408d ago

They should make a Vita version as well. Could be another Dragon's Crown.

WizzroSupreme1408d ago

This should be awesome. Nice.