Watch 10 minutes of Resident Evil Revelations 2 Barry Burton gameplay on Xbox One

Connected Digital World writes: With Capcom set to release Resident Evil Revelations 2 very shortly, we had the chance to play it, and here is a 10 minute compilation of brand new footage featuring Barry Burton.

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DarkOcelet1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

This gives me a sort of Taken vibe and Barry is the badass father who will go to rescue his daughter and kick the living hell of who ever kidnapped her.

I really love Barry's conversations in this one, it sort of feel the same as RE1. Hopefully they nail his character.

Kingdomcome2471354d ago

I know this is blasphemous, but I get a small TLOU vibe. I know it won't be in any way comparable, though.

-Foxtrot1354d ago

Find it funny they are trying to make it like another much successful game instead of making it their own thing. Shameless but what do you expect from them.

I just can't believe they have Barry in this yet they still added two pointless characters like this young girl and his daughter. Barry and Claire in two different solo stories would of been better

DarkOcelet1354d ago

Barry with Jill would have been amazing, those two partnering up like old times would have been the coolest thing but Natalia/Barry really looks cool and begs to be explored. I honestly think this will be the one Resident Evil where they can nail the characters. And i also get the feeling one of characters will die, hopefully this doesnt happen.

DaGodKing1354d ago

i find it kinda messed up that the original re rev was on the 3ds and did a good job moving units according to capcom and now the sequel is not coming to the 3ds but is a abomination that will continue the downward spiral that is re.. the original gave me hope that resident evil was going to be great again

strangeaeon1354d ago

Oh shut the hell up, looks good to me.

DaGodKing1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

o really what looks good that they split into a episodic format to get more money.. or is the the micro transaction they put in the game for no reason but to get more money.. or is it that if you want to buy the disc format it cost 40 bucks when the digital download cost 25.. ya bugging if it "looks good to me"

or your probably talking graphic's which for myself i dont really care for graphics.. i dont buy games on graphic's i buy it on how it appeals to me and the content it brings.. which TO ME this game feels like a fail to me in those regards.. but hey what ever floats yo boat..

jetlian1354d ago

king please shut up! its 25 dollars this could probably get 60 if they wanted it to.

Its looking better than the order 1886 in terms of value. it has more content at half the cost digitally.

Ozmoses1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

@ DaGodKing... you do realize that the first Episode is Feb 24th with each of the following episodes releasing every week in March...

That alone is incredible when compared to other episodic games... TellTale definitely hasn't promised to release episodes that quickly before for its games... So KUDOS to Capcom if they can deliver on it.

Also if individual downloads aren't your thing there is also the RETAIL VERSION...

the retail version drops the same day as the final digital episode...

the retail version includes all the episodes and all the extra stuff for one price - $39.99

spacedelete1354d ago

i find it hilarious Capcom is porting this game to the Vita but not the Wii U or 3DS which it was first exclusive on. how do you like them apples Nintendo gamers.

DaGodKing1354d ago

the apples are sour if i say so

ShaunCameron1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

You're still bitter over Monster Hunter and the first RE: Revelations game, I see.

gantarat1354d ago

Retail version have more content than digital version (digital can buy all content by season pass)

etownone1354d ago

Resident evil meet TLoU.

I'm in...

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