A look at ZombiU’s early mock-up boxart

Check out one of the early potential ZombiU designs, which was ultimately toned down.

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jayzablade1360d ago

I wish there was a sequel coming to this...thoroughly enjoyed the first!!

Amorist891360d ago

As did I, hell I still play it now. It's got its flaws and that can be said about most games....even most Ubisoft games lol. Sorry cheap Ubisoft shot, my bad.

A sequel would be awesome, lacks of online multiplayer felt like a missed opportunity in Zombi U as well.

3-4-51360d ago

I thought I heard of a sequel in the works...or was that just rumor?

wonderfulmonkeyman1360d ago

Just rumors, sadly.
In fact I think there's a quote somewhere out there from Ubisoft stating that they had no plans for a sequel.
People just got their hopes up, that's all.

Concertoine1360d ago

Theres a rumor that Bandai Namco is publishing a sequel.

wonderfulmonkeyman1360d ago

It'd be cool if a sequel came out that fixed the flaws of the first while improving on its strengths.

A common criticism I've heard about it[and somewhat agree with] is that the melee and ranged combat need changes.

The bat doesn't do much about more than one enemy at a time and the bow doesn't get enough ammo around the environment to make it a decent fall-back against hoards either, and anything that is more effective than either of those two previous mentions, makes too much noise to be a good choice in most circumstances.[and they have scant ammo, too]

I get that it's survival horror at its most basic, but when calling a hoard virtually guarantees death and nothing you've earned carries over to the skills of the next victim in line....
Well, it's unforgiving, that's for sure.

Maybe some new melee options would be a good idea for the next game?
Being able to stun a Zombie then knock it into a crowd of others with a powerful kick or something, for example, would be an excellent way to at least make a path to escape with, even if it didn't do much damage.
Might even the odds a bit.

Summons751360d ago

highly agree, ZombiU was a really good test run of something that could be truly great.

WizzroSupreme1360d ago

I really do hope there's a Zombi U 2 in the works. So much promise there.