Weekend sale features Dying Light PC, Grand Theft Auto V and more

The latest weekend deals include Grand Theft Auto V dropping to $29.99 on PS3/Xbox 360, PC version of Dying Light discounted to $49.99 and more deals on all major platforms.

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dreamed1355d ago

$49.99 is still a ripp off considering its broken.......dying light I'm talking about.

PixelGateUk1355d ago

Least you have the retail option. They want £55 for the only released version over here...and that's not counting all the BS DLC

xTheMercenary_1355d ago

Dude the game is far from broken for me, only thing i ran into was a bit of flickering and frame drops on rare occasions, i'd pay that amount for dying light anyday of the week. One of the best zombie survival games ever made in my opinion.

Adexus1355d ago

Haven't even encountered one glitch on the PC version, the framerate dropped a bit on High when it came out but the patch solved that for me, considering it's by Techland the fact that I haven't come across a glitch yet is amazing to me.

dreamed1355d ago

I'm in UK,....get it digital off the USA store and it works out at £35,with game share its £17.50 each......every game I got is off Hong Kong store or usa store,we are being so ripped off in the UK,but that goes for everything from petrol to video games.

BC_Master_Haze1354d ago

I can understand oil being expensive but I never got the price difference on video games, it makes no sense. I'm in Canada and this generation games are up to 70CAD but it's still nothing compared to European prices, digital is turning out to be the best deal for you guys by far.

WizzroSupreme1355d ago

I still don't have both. Might have to think about GTA V in this case.

pixelsword1355d ago

That dude in the pic reeeeealy needs to floss...

stragomccloud1354d ago

Ryse was only $20; so I picked that up.

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