Nintendo Climbs the Digital Hill

I think Nintendo is finally all-in on digital sales. It took some work, and I still don't understand why they let the business languish on the Wii, but they look like they've finally turned the corner.

Specifically, they're edging up toward US$250 million in annual revenue from digital sales, and they've pushed digital sales to nearly 11% of their total software revenue. Given the company's weaker position this generation, that has to be welcome news for the company and its investors.

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Amorist891354d ago

Nice solid article and yes this raises questions on the sustainability on their digital software. The growth in sales is undeniable to what's seen for public knowledge.

Hardware sales could be better, yet the other side of the coin looks a more positive picture. I read Mario Kart 8s encatchment was something ridiculous like 50% of the install base.

superchiller1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Unfortunately, when it comes to a customer's rights regarding digital ownership, Nintendo is way, way behind the curve. Their harsh anti-consumer DRM makes it not worth buying ANY digital content from them, unless you're prepared to lose it.

If your console is lost or stolen, you lose all your digital purchases, period. Nintendo won't restore those purchases to you, because they're greedy and they don't trust their customers. They think people are going to try to rip them off.

If your console is broken, you have no choice but to send it to Nintendo and pay to have it repaired, to restore the digital products that you rightfully own. They won't let the consumers themselves restore those purchases to a new console.

You also can only play purchased games on a single console in your house, even if you have two or more consoles. Nintendo forces you to re-buy any digital games for each console.

No other company has this kind of nasty, anti-consumer DRM forced upon its customers.

Vote with your wallet, don't buy ANY digital content from Nintendo, until they change this ridiculous policy.

marloc_x1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Quarter of a billion dollars in digital alone!?

And that only accounts for 11% of software sales!?


And really, the most most tangible example of harsh,nasty anti-consumer DRM is not being able to play "your" digital games when a network goes down.

a sad fact really..