Opinion: Hype Isn’t Always a Bad Thing – Hype is Hope

"Hype's gotten a bad rap.

True, things can definitely get out of control when frothy-mouthed marketers promise life-changing miracles to get all of us to take notice of a game nearing release. We all know the dangers of over-hype – and yes, we’re all a little guilty of sometimes getting a little too caught up in the excitement. To be perfectly clear, I do not mean to defend flagrantly false or misleading advertising, and I certainly do not recommend that you pre-order games on blind faith. After all, if people don’t wait for reviews before buying games, I’m out of a job as IGN’s reviews editor. You should absolutely always wait until reviews are in and gameplay footage is available before throwing money at a game, no matter what’s been said ahead of launch."

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Godmars2901358d ago

No. In this day and age where its only exaggerated and used as a means of exploiting the fan base, hype is often more a bad thing.

HaveSumNuts1358d ago

Hyping games up just sets the game up for disappointment. Watch Dogs and Destiny are the biggest examples, people hyped these games up so much it left gamers to expect some kind second coming of gaming of some sort. These games were mediocre rip offs from other game series. Watch Dogs = Cheap GTA clone, worst driving mechanics EVER, crap story/characters. Destiny = Flat out disappointment, enemy wave fighter simulator, no story. These mediocre games sold on hype alone and their both going to get sequels.

Godmars2901358d ago

Watch Dongs and Destiny majorly failed to live up to the hype surrounding them. One was graphically downgraded while the other lacked basics such as a story.

martinezjesus19931358d ago

The problem with hyping up games specifically Destiny, is that gamers expect things that the developers never said it would be then hate on a game for no reason

4theplayers1358d ago

Hype isn't hope, hype is marketing.