Monty Oum hospitalized


It is with great regret that I must inform you that our co-worker and our dear friend, Monty Oum, has had a medical emergency. He is currently hospitalized in critical care and it is not known if he will recover. He is receiving the best medical care possible and is surrounded by both family and friends who love him very much. While we wanted you to know as soon as possible, we also have the utmost respect for Monty's privacy and we hope you will understand and share in that respect.

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DarkOcelet1409d ago

I really hope he gets well soon.

bmf73641409d ago

RoosterTeeth has a gofundme page to try and help finance his hospital care bill

TheFanboySlayer1409d ago

this guy is a legend in my eyes everyone should go check out his videos from when he was young...These videos were posted on Gametrailers and went viral over there and he some how landed a deal with RoosterTeeth. Honestly one of the best at animation in movies

Check out....
Haloid (Samus vs Master Chief)

Dead Fantasy (Dead or Alive vs Final Fantasy)

All made by him with limited resources when he was young....truly a talented guy #respect

*Sorry this is not a real response..just wanted it close to the top so people could see and know what he has done
In order to make it a response I will say...I agree Hope he gets well soon too :)

GamesGamesGames1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Get well soon.

BTW if I ever get sick - please support my gofunme page - oh wait - I'm in Europe. I don't need that..
Say what you want about our health care but at least it doesn't mean financial ruin

Mikefizzled1409d ago

Not the time or the place for comments like this...

TedCruzsTaint1409d ago

Why not?
We have a horrible health system here in the states. I feel it's almost our responsibility to voice as much, wherever applicable.

Mikefizzled1409d ago

You kind of proved my point. Whats discussing it on a news boiler website for video games going to achieve. If you don't like it don't tell us, tell them.

TedCruzsTaint1409d ago

And I do, by making it seen about anywhere applicable, like here.
It's hard to ignore something when it pops up in most elements of your everyday life, eh?

ziggurcat1409d ago

any information as to why?

at any rate, hope he pulls through!

Mikefizzled1409d ago

No. They say they have utmost respect for his privacy so if he pulls through its up to him to share.

Godmars2901409d ago

Thing is, a serious injury is a wholly different thing than a current, persistent, condition.

Or to put it another way while being semi-douche: no, actually I wont go there. Just wish the guy well.

WizzroSupreme1409d ago

That's a shame. Get well soon, sir.