WQ 36: Digital or Physical?

Noah says, "Every week, I look over past weekly question entries to confirm I’m not re-asking a question and I was amazed this question hasn’t come up until this point. This week, I ask the staff, “Digital or physical? Which did you more often purchase and why?” Let’s begin!"

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DivineAssault 1448d ago

i would go purely physical if i could but a lot is only digital.. I love the case work & manuals with my games.. it being digital to save a few bucks while releasing broken titles pisses me off

M3TR01DFANBOY1448d ago

Physical all the way, I love owning the games i play.

enamiiz1448d ago

Depends on cost.

I always choose physical, given the option and, I never spend over X amount.

If a game is digit only then I would only buy it if/when it was X amount minus resale amount Y.

Basically, since I don't retain my physical games after I have had my time with them, I only really spend X-Y=Z at the most on every game (both physical and digital) I play, unless I have trouble obtaining Y, which hasn't happened yet.

For the record, I have set values for X, Y and Z.

Cool story aye. Bleh!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1448d ago

If you have physical copies of your games you don't have to worry about having access to the games you paid for if network services go down. To each his own I guess.

namEuser1448d ago

Physical for me with triple AAA'S, and anything indie or arcade get the digital treatment :)

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