Another analyst: Microsoft execs feeling good about Xbox

Now, some psychoanalysis on Microsoft executives would be quite entertaining ("Tell me about these lucid dreams, Peter."), especially when compared to the recent observations made by Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets. In his earth-shattering report, Mr. Sebastian describes the folks behind the Xbox brand as "upbeat" given the commercial success of Gears of War, the company's considerable launch lead against competitors and consistent growth in Europe. Japan, not so much.

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Sphinx5907d ago

People weren't so narrow minded, and blindly loyal, to see how great the Xbox360 really is. It has great games, great online service, and it is less expensive than the PS3!

beans5907d ago

Yeah that would be nice but the extreme fans will always stick with Sony through it's up's and downs!Word of mouth is everything and eventually people or most will switch over to 360 after they realize it's just got more going for it!

JasonPC360PS3Wii5907d ago

The 360 has so many features. At first when I bought an Xbox $50 didn’t justify Xbox Live. But with the 360 $50 is just right for a fantastic service and great security. I just love playing all these games (GC, Wii, PS2, Xbox and 360 lots of fun) Besides MS makes the best operating system in the world, kinda got to expect the 360 to run smooth it runs on software.

Capt CHAOS5906d ago

I was nodding in agreement all the way until you mentioned.. MS make the best opperating system in the world!! LOL - NOT
As if they have any other commercial competion in the OS world..

JasonPC360PS3Wii5906d ago

was not the key point I know they have no other Operating system to compete with. The kew point was "kinda got to expect the 360 to run smooth it runs on software." How long have they been making software? So in this area they have a head start.

MicroGamer5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

if you take off your fanboy glasses and look at it from a purely logical perspective, 360 definitely is the best deal going right now. I got mine, not because I am an XBox fanboy, but because I had a limited opportunity to get a really nice price on one and it does a lot more than PS3. I'm not going to let Sony sucker me into using my games console as a movie player again. I fell for that last time around and now have a big black brick on top of my tv because the laser burned out. And then, when they discovered how pathetic their lasers were, it took them 12 upgrades of the laser cartridge to get one that works like it's supposed to. I'll be damned if I'm going through all that again with a $600 machine. I'll spend the $200 for the HD-DVD player (which is an awesome price for an HD player, btw, even if it does come with minimal features) if I want to watch movies with my 360.

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