Release date and photos for the HyperX Cloud II PC, PS4 and Xbox One Gaming Headset

The release date and photos have been revealed for the HyperX Cloud II PC, PS4 and Xbox One Gaming Headset.

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HaveAsandwich1355d ago

the hyper x cloud is a nice headset. bought it when it was on sale from amazon a few weeks back. love it.

GearSkiN1355d ago

Are they 7.1? Even though xbox one doesn't do 7.1 still wanna know

Lon3wolf1355d ago

The answer is in the article, but stereo only on console 7.1 PC/Mac.

TheBurger291355d ago

Excited about this! I heard great things about the Cloud and was about to buy it but when I visited their website I found this!

itBourne1355d ago

I have them(first ones), they are so comfortable. Even the packaging screams quality. Really the best bang for your buck you can find, in my opinion. Ironically I use them on my ps4, and my sony headset for my pc lol. Both my ps4 headsets, do not work right with my ps4 go figure.

Old_Boss_1355d ago

I'm using the HyperX Cloud with Astro Mixamp one of the best combos i ever used in years, i got it back in Black Friday for 60$ it's pretty comfy Headset :)

WizzroSupreme1355d ago

Either are a whole lot better than the "headsets" the PS4 and Xbox One come with.