Talking Point: Would You Buy PlayStation-Themed Amiibo?

Push Square: "It's something that obsessive console loyalists would never admit, but our favourite video game companies borrow ideas from each other all the time. If something proves to be popular and especially profitable, you can guarantee that competing firms will weigh in with their own take on the product in the relatively near future. With Amiibo, Nintendo has stumbled upon something of a smash hit, and although the idea of selling small figurines that link up with software isn't an original premise, it's still something that's really taken off, particularly with the hardcore gaming market. Nintendo's success has made us wonder, though: would you be interested in PlayStation's very own version of Amiibo?"

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Jaqen_Hghar1359d ago

No and a man loves their mascots. A man simply isn't into action figures for games to unlock stuff. Don't want them for a man's WiiU don't want any Skylanders either. A man wants all the content on the disc.

Sevir1359d ago

Outside of them being collectible figurines, they are nothing but gimmicks for games that add little value to an already established game... Its just another thing to gouge money. I'd never buy PlayStation a themed amiibo.