Dragon Quest Heroes - Taipei Game Show Demo

Square Enix Demos Dragon Quest Heroes on the PS4 at the Taipei Game Show!

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GamesGamesGames1359d ago

this looks like a lot of fun. hopefully it will come to the west

Tapani1359d ago

Hmm... Looks like this will be the first Dynasty Warrior-type of game I will buy! :)

Gamer19821359d ago

Indeed Dynasty warriors isn't popular outside of its normal audience because of its lore not because its not a great game its why hyrule warriors sold so well. Stick a popular franchise with the dynasty warriors engine and you get a fun game that fans of that series can enjoy. Can see Koei doing more of these even a Final Fantasy one is S-E are interested in doing so. If they sell over a million on PS4 they will no doubt replace the DW games with these spinoffs as DW titles not selling anywhere near as well as they used to anymore. It's got to the point now the devs havn't even bothered with english voices for the past 2 releases and scrapped the xbox releases too thanks to bad sales.

TedCruzsTaint1359d ago

Okay. I'll definitely pull out the PS3 for this one.