You have NO EXCUSE not to get a Wii U for this ridiculous price

Arguably, the Wii U was touted as the best console of 2014 because of its impressive line up of games. Three of which stood out as a lot of sites game of the year, Mario Kart 8 proved to be possibly the most fun we have had in any Mario Kart game in history, Bayonetta 2 has a strong claim to be the best action game of all time and Super Smash Bros added lots of new features including 8 player smash that will have us smashing for years to come! Let’s not forget about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which released in February 2014 that stands out as a fresh and fun filled platformer that packs a mean challenge. If you didn’t get a Wii U in 2014, what excuse can you possibly have not to get one for £119.86?

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randomass1711355d ago

That there's a mighty fine deal IMO the Wii U is worth its asking price but I think they should drop the price a little further to help at least get up to GC numbers. $200 with Smash bundled would be a good idea I think. And commercials lots and lots of commercials.

Cindy-rella1355d ago

I dont want this console because software support is abysmal and it gets childish games mostly which doesnt appeal to me. there arent much diversity in game pickings on nintendo wii u where a console like ps4 gets a lot of diverse genres to choose from which suits a more wider gamer base. To each his own. The fans should love their choices of buying a wii u and the games but the system is basically dead. Third party support is non-existent. Buying a wii u in my opinion is a waste of time and the reason the sales are so bad is because a lot of people shares the same sentiment. Im happy the fans thatll buy anything Nintendo can get the console and games

Letthewookiewin1355d ago

But Nintendo games really are so good it deserves a purchase.

strauser3601355d ago

I still have hopes that nintendo will pull through with great software later on, but really the only 2 notable games I remember this year were MK8 and Smash bros (which are moreso multiplayer games). They really need to up their single player library or they're gonna fall into the abyss.

(also they could fix mario 3d world by taking out the invincibility casual suit, but until then its like whats the point.)

Concertoine1355d ago


Bayonetta 2, W101, Windwaker, Pikmin 3, DK...

SilentNegotiator1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I think it's pretty clear that the price isn't the biggest barrier here.

Nintendo fanboys can continue to preach that Wii U has teh bestest gaems all they want, but all they have are their own opinions to back them up.

Wii U's heaviest hitters have been; the latest version of Super Smash Brothers (a really similar experience to the original from over a decade ago), the latest version of Mario Kart (a really similar experience from the original from over two decades ago), the latest version of "New" Super Smash Brothers (a really similar experience from the original from about THREE decades ago)...say what you want about gamers on Ps4/Xbone and the games the oft sequeled franchises, but at least the biggest games have evolved/changed in the last decade.

There's a reason that Wii U sold only 3.5 million systems in 2014.

strauser3601355d ago

Those games look pretty good I'll admit that and I'd probably enjoy each of them but I'm not paying more than $40 for any, which has held me back from that.

TWB1355d ago

But the thing is... PS3/PS4 had way less lighter hearted/kid games than previous generations so Playstation lacks in that department.

I would love to see games like that more alongside with the current availability (or new and better games similar to current exclusives)

TBH PS4 exclusives so far haven't really sparked my interests but neither have WiiU's. Smash is fine but never got too much into it, Mario kart and Bayonetta 2 are probably the most interesting if you don't count my absolute favourite Mario & Luigi series on the handheld (which I havent played since the superstar saga sadly)

3-4-51355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

@Cindy-rella - Your worried about it being childish,yet your pic and name are of a children's movie character ?


MajorLazer1355d ago Show
Cam9771355d ago

Your grammar was terrible but I absolutely agree.

Mr Pumblechook1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

I'm fighting with myself on whether I should order or not. The only games I'd really want now are Mario Kart or Monster Hunter 3 and Zelda when that's released.

I've got a feeling an official price drop is coming so I might wait a bit longer.

Monster_Tard1354d ago

"Nintendo fanboys can continue to preach that Wii U has teh bestest gaems all they want, but all they have are their own opinions to back them up. "

Our own opinion and the opinion of nearly every well known video game review site =].

"a really similar experience to the original"

Smash Bros is a fighting game & Mario Kart is a racing game, why wouldn't they have a similar experience to the originals? most games in those genres stick with their original formula and only improve on it. Also you named Smash Bros twice.

"say what you want about gamers on Ps4/Xbone and the games the oft sequeled franchises, but at least the biggest games have evolved/changed in the last decade."

They have improved, but so has Nintendo's games.

I'm not sure why the Wii U isn't selling better, but it's not because of it's games, other wise the 3DS wouldn't still be selling incredibly well(even out selling the X1), when it has similar games that are targeting the same audience that Wii U is.

MehmetAlperTR1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Cindy-rella completly agree with you.. So many childish games. I have MY PS4 and Xbox One and very strong PC.. Thats enough for me.. I already sold my Wii U.. Sick of Mario Wario games. By the way we do not have Nintendo and Nintendo Service in Turkey..

XBLSkull1354d ago

Sorry but Nintendo doesn't have a single game or franchise to justify any price for me. Even if was free I would just let someone else have it, not interested, whatsoever.

SilentNegotiator1354d ago

"Our own opinion and the opinion of nearly every well known video game review site"


Do tell, where are those discrepancies, then?
Because I see:
-Ps4 with two games with 95+ scores and zero on Wii U.
-6 games rated 90+ on both Wii U and Ps4
-55 games rated 80+ on Ps4 and 40 on Wii U

All in spite of the fact that Wii U had an ENTIRE YEAR HEADSTART. The best games according to reviewers? I think not.

magiciandude1354d ago


Two of the PS4 games are remastered games from the previous year, while the top two Wii U games are actual new content.

Look at the first 10 games on PS4 and compare it to the Wii U, how many games are exclusive on PS4 vs. Wii U? The highest rated major first party exclusive, apart from the remastered 2013 PS3 game, on PS4 is an 80, which is quite far down the list below all those cheap mobile quality indies that you don't even need a PS4 to play.

Wii U in contrast has 4 games that are exclusive in the top 10 of the lists you provided. Way to lean on indies and remastered last gen content to make a point. :/

"55 games rated 80+ on Ps4 and 40 on Wii U"
Thanks to all those indies, cross-gen content and remasters...

Monster_Tard1354d ago


"All in spite of the fact that Wii U had an ENTIRE YEAR HEADSTART."

You do realize that every game that received a 90 or higher on your list are all re-releases from last gen and probably had just as much or more development time that the Wii U games had...

The Wii U also has re-released games too, in fact there are over 130 virtual console games for the Wii U that are NOT added on Metacritic.

SilentNegotiator1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Wii U also had remasters and they simply didn't rate as well. So what? They both have lots of remasters in the list of 80+ games.

Ps4 still has FIFTEEN more games rated 80+ from an ENTIRE YEAR less. There's better content on ps4 and there's more content on Ps4.

magiciandude1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Yeah, better double-dipped content, more variety of cross-gen content, and larger piles of indies. So what? Wii U still has better current gen games and a better variety of first party exclusive content than PS4. With all those 10-15 dollar indies and 50-60 dollar remasters, no wonder PS4 has a grand total of 15 more games rated 80+, but keep clutching at straws...

BattleAxe1354d ago

WiiU is a kids console, and there's nothing wrong with that. I grew up with the NES, and it still occupies a special place in my fondness for gaming.

If you're someone who has kids, then that is 100% the system to buy, and in fact, I don't think kids should be playing on the PS4 or the Xbox One because of the focus on mature content.

As for me personally, the WiiU just doesn't have the games that I am personally into. Mario was great when I was growing up, but I have lost all interest in those games. I'm not into Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Star Fox or any other age old IPs that Nintendo has anymore. I think at this point, the only IP that would interest me would be Metroid, but I won't buy a Nintendo console just for that one game.

SpeedDemon1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )


You know you're reaching when Fez and Flower is among the highest rated games on your PS4 list.

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Magicite1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

actually Ive excuse to not buy any new console now - my PS3 backlog is huge and growing with exclusives still coming to PS3, and on top of that Ive got gaming PC. 2016 is earliest when Im buying next console and most possibly the one with most exclusives(I didnt mean Xbox One).

subtenko1354d ago

Same here, Im not gonna get a Xbox One or a Wii U when Im not gonna play it. It's just gonna go gamecube on me because I have PS4 and PC. Got my M$ fixes on PC if I really wanna play one and my Playstation exclusives as well.

Let someone else who wants a Wii U get it, not me. Happy gaming and good deals to you other gamers!

JackBNimble1355d ago

Well I don't want to play anything Mario .... that's my excuse, and I haven't want to since that late 80's.

Bobby Kotex1354d ago

I'm not in interested in a gaming console for children.

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98xpresent1355d ago

I'm just waiting on the right game now.

higgins781355d ago

So, none of the games currently available for the Wii U appeal? Perhaps not only should you forget the Wii U but videogames in general. Its incredible. Some people will blindly champion games such as Drive Club and Destiny and with the same breath claim nothing currently available on the Wii U appeal.

Fro_xoxo1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

"Perhaps not only should you forget the Wii U but videogames"

relax.. People like what they like.

I like Nintendo games, but I don't like them enough to invest my time, or purchase a Wii U over.

BiggCMan1355d ago

Boy you probably haven't even touched Driveclub to even say something like that so shut the hell up. Driveclub is one of the best games of 2014, and it only got heat because of the server problems it had. So why should that game get the negative attention when nearly every other game gets a free pass? Stfu. Driveclub is something new and fresh, what did Nintento come up with last year? Another Smash Bros, another Mario Kart, and a DMC wannabe sequel.

HeavenlySnipes1355d ago

No...that's really not how gamers are

I don't want a WiiU because the only game(s) I'd like would be the new Zelda an maybe Bayonetta

Not buying a system for 2 games

1355d ago
Angeljuice1355d ago


WiiU has nothing that interests me either. You're the one that's championing a turd of a console, perhaps YOU should give up gaming.
Most gamers have given up on Nintendo, hence the terrible sales. I wouldn't pay £50 for one.

InTheLab1355d ago

Is there anything like DC and Destiny on the Wiiu? Ever occur to you that some people have different tastes?

There's not a single reason for me to own a wiiu and thanks to the tablet controller of which my kids would fight over, they don't have a reason to move on from their wii with the same games.

SilentNegotiator1355d ago

Wow, what a sad fanboy you are.

"OMG YOu don't have the same tastes as me?!?! Stop playing video games then!!!!!!!!"

kwandar1355d ago

I have to agree with the sentiment that you buy the console based on the games, although I have to admit I'd have difficulty not finding something on the Wii U - there is a lot out.

That is why my other gaming console is a PC, not a PS4 or X1. Nothing against those consoles, just not enough on them to justify the purchase.

elninels1355d ago

Xenoblade chronicles x will be that game for me. And what ever shin megami tensei x fire emblem ends up being.

The latter is just so fun to think about. What is it?

Ikonic1354d ago

A Nintendo system without a new Zelda game alongside it is worthless to me. As someone who actually enjoys games like Destiny for their more mature content, what exactly does the WiiU offer? A couple games I've played 10 years ago?

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pcz1355d ago

you hit the nail on the head with your one bubble. i will bubble you up. the problem is software. even if the wiiu was £70, people are not going to buy it unless they know there are games they will like to play on it. and yes, people would run out to buy it at that price, but only to resell it on ebay at a marked up price.

wiiu has practically no third party support now, so the question to potential buyers is-do you like mario? do you like zelda? that's a big problem, because although those franchises are good, they dont appeal to everyone, especially the type of people nintendo should be trying to attract- new customers.

nintendo will never learn, will they. they will always have a large user base because they have an established brand and fans will buy the console each and every generation. but in order to grow, nintendo need to offer something new, something to appeal to other segments of the market.

its very lucky nintendo have xenoblade on the way since without that game, i wouldnt even accept a wiiu if it were given to me for free- its only use would be a door stop. and yes, i am somebody who has had every single nintendo console! the fact the wiiu has been such a failure in comparison to its other consoles proves im not the only fan who hasnt jumped on the wiiu bandwagon- many people just like me just arent excited by what nintendo are offering.

which comes back to the 3rd party support problem.. nintendo really need to do something about their lack of 3rd party support which has plagued many of their systems. its going to be their downfall

elninels1355d ago

As a door stop, really?

DaGodKing1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

i wanna know "how many games would there have to be" to get a wiiu cause from reading thru the comments it seems people want like 20 30 games before they jump in or some thing like that.. had my wiiu since launch and i have 11 physical games and 20 eshop games(mostly VC games i didnt play as a child).. but they're is a collection of games if you look..and it can even play wii games come on now they're easily over 30 games to play on the wiiu if u look..

BlackWolf1355d ago

Well... I'm not in Europe, so.... *cries a lot*

RG_Dubz1355d ago ShowReplies(5)
RGB1355d ago

8GB model is complete junk to anyone interested in digital-only & indie games. The 32GB model is hideously overpriced too compared to PS4 and Xbox One. £250 in the UK while PS4 is only £350 with bundled content too and a way larger library of content both retail and digital-only + far more games coming, £250 seems like a rip-off.

I'll get a WiiU eventually, for games like; Zelda U, Star Fox, Smash Bros. & Mario Kart 8 but it isn't worth £250 for a numbers of releases countable on one hand.

higgins781355d ago

Another who prefers quantity over quality. Hideously overpriced...hideously!? OK, so I'll pay £100 more for a PS4 (which I own), AND add £40 a year for PS+ - which is close enough to mandatory. Still, for that price I get to play Driveclub exclusively...that's good right, right?

Metallox1355d ago

Beyond the points you're trying to make, I just want to point out that you need to stop being this exaggerated, you aren't doing nothing more than making look Nintendo fans like clumsy people.

esemce1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Ok for £120 that is worth taking a chance on I suppose.

RGB1355d ago

@higgins78 - I'm afraid WiiU is hideously overpriced, has little quality as it's subjective and no quantity at all. 6 feature releases (MK8, Smash, DKC-TF, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad) last year with literally dead 3rd party support isn't quality > quantity, I'll get 3 of those games only (1st 3 mentioned).

5 (DK included) titles isn't pushing me to buy a system at £250 when I have 40+ titles on PS4 already digital & retail - near 10x more than I'll buy on WiiU ever.

Quality is totally subjective as I said above, I've had plenty of enjoyment from my 40+ PS4 titles already. Not to mention games coming this year not on WiiU like; Batman: Arkham Knight, MGSV, Star Wars: Battlefront, Uncharted 4. I'll be getting more PS4 games this year than I've bought on Nintendo in 10 years.

Sad thing is, I was a Nintendo only guy. SNES > N64 > NGC. NGC killed my loved for Nintendo, not the system, loved that system, the droughts and limited 3rd party releases. Since I've been PS2 > PS3 (got a Wii as well, regrettably) > PS4. Like I said, I'll get one eventually but not for a price like that for a handful of games, way too much money.

Additionally; You also fail to see the value PS+ gives, 72 games over a year. I paid £34.69 via CDKeys for my latest subscription, that's 42p per game. PS+ on a bad month can literally pay for itself, that isn't a bad thing, the complete opposite.

voodoochild3461355d ago

How much do you think hard drives actually cost? The fact that people think that a 500gb hard drive makes up for the $100 difference and almost mandatory $50 a year online is hilarious.

ABizzel11354d ago

Not sure what you're saying, but it seems that you're saying the Wii U is a better value at $299 than, than the PS4 / XBO at $399 + $50 sub, or at least that's what you think others are saying.

I've campaigned the Wii U to death, but as far as value goes, the PS4 and XBO are much better values even if they cost more and have a subscription fee.

That $100 difference ($50 in the case of the XBO):

1. A real 500GB HDD (generally around the $40 range for consumers),
2. 4x the RAM (PS4 4x and significantly better gaming RAM)
3. Around 4x more GPU power in the XBO and 5x in the PS4
4. A traditional controller that simply works best for gaming
5. A Blu Ray player
6. All around better technology
7. Full 3rd party support

The only real benefits of the Wii U hardware wise are gamepad streaming, NFC (could have been big), and backwards compatibility.

That $50 / $60 subscription gets you

1. Free monthly games (at least 30 free games on PS4 so far)
2. Cloud Storage
3. Multiple Accounts
4. Cross Game Chat
5. Live Streaming
6. Trophies & Achievements
7. Significantly more apps and services

And as sales shown those 14 features are significantly more valuable to gamers than saving $50 or $100 by buying a Wii U. Even the PS360 in many cases have more value than the Wii U due to lack of features, content, and support. On top of which they're cheaper consoles, and offer a similar gaming experience from a technological standpoint.

The Wii U is a good console, but Nintendo games aren't for everyone. But for gamers who enjoy Nintendo games then the Wii U is a good buy, because they're making some great games for the platform. However, for everyone else the Wii U is a pass, because people are tired of the same old amazing, but tired franchises. Like I've said I've campaigned the Wii U for the longest, but I've about reached my breaking point with Nintendo.

superchiller1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

@ ABizzel1

Very well written comment, you hit the nail on the head with your points.

Wii U owners act like the only difference between the Wii U and the X1/PS4 is the internal storage. Wii U only has a pitiful 32gb, while the true next-gen consoles both have 500gb.

In reality, Nintendo completely gimped the design of the Wii U, to accommodate the high cost of the gamepad. They either cut back or entirely removed many features/specifications, and bet everything on a gimmick to make up for that, as you pointed out in your comment.

Unfortunately, the oversized, awkward, un-ergonomic gamepad really doesn't make up for the mediocre specs and features of the Wii U base console.

Nintendo really is in a rut these days, caught up in making themselves "different", but in reality just making their products extremely lacking in even the most basic features. How far the mighty have fallen, they USED to be the best; now they're just all about silly gimmicks tied to poor hardware.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I have the 8gb model with a 1tb hardrive. Over 860gb left.

Kingdomcome2471355d ago

It isn't much space, but it's at least external hd compatible, and you can pick up an external hd for a great price. That said, what is the average download size of a Wii U game?

zerog1355d ago

2-5 GBs in my experiance. I bought one back before xmas for $225 and it came with a $50 gift card so it was basicaly like getting it for $175, it was the mario cart deluxe bundle too. At the same time I got a good deal on a 1TB external hdd and took it apart to upgrade my ps4 hdd, put the 500 GB from the ps4 in my ps3 and the 160 GB from the ps 3 back in the external case and hooked it up to the wii u. All in all for I think I got an awsome deal since it still cost less then the deal in this artical.

kwandar1355d ago

8GB is EXACTLY what you want if you are going digital only, as you'll be buying an inexpensive HD anyway to complement your system.

I have 32GB but it would never hold all the games I have. The 2 terabyte drive does that.

bubblebobble1354d ago

have you ever looked at the price of games on the nintendo store wow man dear or what? every game like full price even 3 or 4 year old titles

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