The 8 best Western RPGs for people who don't like Western RPGs

AppSpy: For as long as I can remember, my favourite genre has been the RPG. At best you get a rich novel-length plot full of interesting characters, an action or tactical combat system, and a gorgeous fantasy world to explore at your leisure.

The best part - you get to create a custom version of yourself and live out a full fantasy life within a videogame. Isn't that what games are for?

It turns out that a few people don't actually like RPGs. Though puzzled at first, I eventually came to the conclusion that these sorts have three main RPG turn-offs: the length, complicated statistical systems, and a too much to see and do mentality.

With these key reasons in mind I browsed the App Store RPG offerings to bring you this list of eight RPGs for people who don't like them.

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jeremyj29131449d ago

I was hoping Dragon Age was going to get me into them...I was wrong. Still have high hopes for The Witcher 3 tho.