Order 1886 City Screen Is In-Game, Lycans Will Transform In Real-Time; Final Build Graphics Improved

GearNuke writes: "The Order 1886 is the hotly anticipated exclusive for the PlayStation 4 set to release worldwide on February 20th, 2015. It is being developed by Ready at Dawn, who were recently demoing the final build of the game at Taipei Game Show. "

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DarkOcelet1358d ago

The new build definitely looks better. I like how the game have improved so much from last year.

OB1Biker1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I can bet you ll still see many shouting 'downgrade' from a compressed vid or GIF they see on their tablet

GameNameFame1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Game looks amazing. Especially the effects.

It's clear we are starting to see extra power widening the gap.

MasterCornholio1358d ago

Well that's what Mr.X and his followers do. And they are wrong every single time.

SolidStoner1358d ago

I just hope we will get everything they showed, we must wait and see how it turns out..

ziggurcat1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

first comment in the article's comment section is about as far as you need to go..

edit: and it's a fake gribblegrunger account, so you know how desperate they're getting...

NuggetsOfGod1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I agree! Though tablets are starting to show higher resolution the consoles. So maybe tablet haters are not completely crazy... lol

Seriously the game looks awsome.

Just need more articles on how amazing the gameplay is more than graphics for the 900th time.

MasterCornholio1357d ago


Your right.


Wow trolls are starting to get really desperate.

MysticStrummer1357d ago

Ha yeah I've seen that obviously fake Gribble a few times. Desperation indeed.

OT - Downgrade! Jk That's some impressive looking stuff there. The lycans are the thing that finally got me interested in this game after months on the fence. I want to see one of those real time transformations.

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Magicite1358d ago

sometimes delay is a necessity.

lifeisgamesok1357d ago

This shows that the game was clearly downgraded though in this scene at least

AndrewLB1357d ago

The game looks incredible. I'll be getting it the day it's released for certain.

BallsEye1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Ofcourse it's in game. We had same levels in Ryse despite it's linear gameplay. It looks open but it really isn't.

This is concept with tons of people walking around:
vs the gameplay:

As for the new build, lighting looks definately better. Wish they would spend some time on MP or making the game better like AI, more enemies etc not just put everything into the graphics or else it will be just another driveclub. I see some kind of obsession with graphics instead of gameplay ( GAME PLAY, yep GAMES are about GAME PLAY)

DarkOcelet1357d ago

Lol, this is clearly a different street entirely. And i didnt know you played the whole game to know the AI is bad or there is little variety in enemies. Its their decision if they want to include MP or not. Man, stop trolling.

NerdStalker1357d ago

Stop being so jealous Balleye after all you've told us how great xbox one is so be happy with it or are you trying to tell us you asked mommy and daddy for the wrong console and now your stuck with it so you resort to bashing ps4 because your jealous.

DigitalRaptor1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

"Wish they would spend some time on MP or making the game better like AI, more enemies etc not just put everything into the graphics or else it will be just another driveclub. I see some kind of obsession with graphics instead of gameplay ( GAME PLAY, yep GAMES are about GAME PLAY)"

Okay. Like DriveClub? You mean a game with great gameplay?

You troll dudes need to pipe down about DriveClub being only about graphics. DriveClub has great gameplay. It just does. It doesn't innovate, but its gameplay is solid, fun, challenging and addictive, but you are still peddling old ignorant misconceptions about a game that came out months ago and is constantly improving.

Only Xbox fanboys are acting like graphics and gameplay are mutually exclusive when it comes to mentioning PS4 exclusives. Looks like you guys were dead wrong when it came to this game and its gameplay, so why don't you just stop. It's past embarrassing.

The Order is looking to have absolutely solid and satisfying third-person shooter mechanics. Nobody truly wants shoehorned multiplayer in this game. Only the dudebro Xboners that would rather a half-assed mode so they can play for longer, rather than do what normal gamers have been doing for decades, which is REPLAYING your game.

And what do you mean "more enemies"? It's not a wave based game like Gears. The threat is something completely different to Locusts.

Not to mention, you're judging a game that you've seen less than 2% of its entirety in the hope that it will be "PS4's Ryse", but that pipe dream has long passed.

Forn1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

The game's looking incredible imo. I think there's a lot of things we'll see playing through that we didn't expect. I've happy that the developers have a bit of secrecy concerning the different areas of the game and didn't blow their load so to speak before release. The final build of the game looks mind-bogglingly good. Can't wait.

Eonjay1358d ago

"Lycans Will Transform In Real-Time"


MasterCornholio1358d ago

I remember they announced this a long time ago. But I'm glad they confirmed it again. The transformations look really painful in my opinion.

chrissx1358d ago

The more I see the more I'm glad this game got delayed. Looks amazing,literally

Genki1357d ago

What does it mean for something to 'literally' look amazing?

bloodybutcher1357d ago

As opposite to look amazing metaphorically xD

Foxhound9221358d ago

The screenshot of him walking through the city looks ungodly awesome. This games looks beautiful and the more snippets of gameplay I see shows how diverse this game is. Can't wait

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