PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Gets Fantastic Live Gameplay at Tokaigi; Shows New Build and More

Today Ready at Dawn and Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a nice batch of live gameplay at the Tokaigi Japan Game Party 2015.

While it's the same level showcased at PlayStation Experience, there are marked differences, indicating that it's a new build (possibly the final one, since the game has gone gold).

It also goes further after the shooting scene in the hall, while the broll released by Sony earlier cut it short.

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ShugaCane1453d ago

The black bars give a powerful cinematic vibe. I remember how it worked so well on the King Kong game by Ubisoft (flawed game but the atmosphere was fantastic).

The Order really does look like a movie. The lighting and particle effects are spectacular.

pedrof931453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )


Seeing Galahad speak in japanese and by the outfit he's wearing it seems something taken from Full Metal Alchemist :D

Also the the anime and this game are around the same time.


Cindy-rella1452d ago

Best looking game graphically ever in a video game and its not running in 4k resolution or @ 60fps. How is it that such a "weak console" could produce the best graphics ever beating out powerful pcs that are literally 20 times the power of a ps4. It highlights how good game developers can produce amazing things without having expensive hardware to put their games on.

I cant wait for the order 1886. Buying it first day

Neckbear1452d ago

What? Letterboxing forced into the game due to it rendering at a lower resolution than normal give it a "powerful cinematic vibe"?

C'mon, dude...

PlayableGamez1452d ago

@Cindy-rella, are you implying that the PC couldn't run The Order: 1886?

dRanzer1452d ago

[email protected]

He implying that pc will never have the chance to run the order

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NoctisPendragon1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Is it sarcasm?

Just asking , no ill attention.

1453d ago
NoctisPendragon1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )


Here is why i though it was sarcasm.
1.They dont have any reflection in mirrors and glasses (sometime they are just shadows).
2.The background regenerates itself really fast (when he shot on walls , they regenerate 0,5 sec after).
3.There is no wind but the balls deviates so much.
4.Enemies arent even that far but they are already shadowless and lightless.
5.Clothes movements are the same no matter how you move.
6.And those particles you are talking about , is it the smoke and all?They arent that good , nothing affect them and the gunpowder disappears at once .

The atmosphere is awesome and all but i wouldnt call those graphics perfect or the best.

pedrof931453d ago


That's nitpicking at a whole new level. /D

NoctisPendragon1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )


Dont take it to heart man,but they called it perfect and all.
Personally i find those graphics goods but far from perfect or precise.
But maybe i am wrong and they actually are precise,well thought and awesome.

You call it prefect but i cant nitpick a lil ?
I am sorry.
There is alot of room for improvement.

Edit 2 : Wow everyone disagree,can't believe.
Forget everything i said , your game is graphically perfect and couldn't be better , enjoy blindly your next-gen graphics (whit alot of flaws,dont call it perfect please , or they wont improve them).

OB1Biker1453d ago

Nobody said perfect
your looking too much into the comments

JoGam1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@Noctis, can you name me one game that was super perfect? Honestly dude, name one game. If you can't, why in the hell make it an issue? Can you at least say the game looks awesome for what it accomplished?

NoctisPendragoon1453d ago

Ok i'll show you some example (for each point) with just 4 upcoming games .
Uncharted4 :0 fiable links.
FF XV (still far from finished) Nu6sI&list=PLfDxSPcW_d3OrHx XR15lFSdpM2xD1faeF&index=18 .
MSV : ddGWM .
The Witcher 3 : r0QFs .

1: Reflections in mirrors and glasses : check FFXV almost everything is reflected when needed (even a lil on weapons and soaked clothes).
You can also see a nice level of reflection in UCH4.

2: The background regenerating too fast : you can see that MSV (and alot of fps )'s background and floor takes alot more time to regenerate.

3:There is no wind but bullets deviates : check FF XV wind system ,even the blonde guy has his wristband moving more or less according to the wind.
There is that kind of thing in UCH4 and MSV too i think (wont broder to check).

4:We dont see enemies shadows and light (on the skin) even though they aren't that far : you can easily find a lot of game with that.

5:Clothes movements are the same no matter how you move : check FFXV clothes movements system (they move according to the wind + characters movements.
All others games above aren't also bad and maybe better than FFXV (better than The Order at least) in that field.

6:Particles appearing and disappearing strangely : Check MSV dust,powder and etc particles mecaniques , they are alot better than The Order.
All others games above arent bad too.

So when @4theplayers said "Best graphics ever", you can't objectively say yes ,The Order has too many flaws that others game dont have.

Personally i prefer FFXV graphisme (pure fanboyism and nothing more),the game is still improving (version 1.4 vs 2.0 for the final engine version) but in the end they should be close to that result *:
1.Real time footage : O9ptU
2.Tech demo : BPtNs
where you even get reflections the in eyes and jewels of the red girl and more details like that.

Anyway those aren't facts (/s),if everyone is saying "The Order has the best graphics ever", it must be true. (/s)

Thanks for listening my aberations.

*Accroding to the engine developpers (src os-developer-interviews-part-1/ ).

NoctisPendragoon1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@The Order: 1886 Fans .

Wow ,i bring facts with videos,sources and examples but you still disagree ?

If i say "The main hero of The Order isnt a girl" (+a photo proving it) which is a fact and not a complain , will you disagree as much as if i said "The main hero of The Order should have been a girl " which is a baseless complaint ?

Now i understand , have fun in your consoles and franchises war which won't bring you anything (except missing alot of good games naturally).

PS :i will stil play The Order and nothing of what i said was a complain .

Saigon1452d ago


No offense but your comparison doesn't make sense, mainly because those games you listed a far from release. TW3 may be releasing in May but it still has yet to go gold, so there are many tweaks that still can occur. Because this game releases in 19-days and has been gold for a few weeks now, you need to compare it to the current games that are out there.

There is not, and I repeat, there is not a perfect graphic game that exist. Grant it some things can be done to make certain areas better than the next, but no game is perfect.

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Spinal1453d ago

We saw what Graphics did to Crysis.

Gameplay looks very dated. The last of us gameplay shits on this.

DarkOcelet1453d ago

I am very curious, wasnt The Last Of Us considered one of the best graphically insane games last gen. I thought it looked so damn good. Crysis problem is the dev stated that they are concentrating more on graphics than gameplay. And you cant say TLOU shits on this when you havent even played it :/

oIITSBIIo1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

TLOU gameplay is super boring.

For example Dying light has a way better gameplay.

DarkOcelet1453d ago


Lol, i think TLOU gameplay is great.

oIITSBIIo1453d ago

With black border!
I don't think so.

jc121453d ago

haha, think these dudes are excited?

starchild1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I can't wait for this game. The graphics are fantastic. The movement looks smoother in this gameplay demo. I like the setting and the narrative seems interesting.

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jhoward5851453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

1886 looks incredible.But I want to see something new. The point and shoot cover system game play is getting old.

Need more variety in game play. I think adding skill tree should be mandatory for most game.

EDIT: maybe skill tree wouldn't work for 1886 but it needs something else other than the shotgun blast imo.

Minato-Namikaze1453d ago

Shinobi already covered this. "they'll hate on it cause its nothing new"

OB1Biker1453d ago

*because its not 'innovative' enough

Omnisonne1453d ago

TLoU also had very similar gameplay, yet won over many hearts due to the story and (for me) atmosphere.
I think The Order can do the same. It doesnt always have to revolutionize gameplay to be a great experience

The Order is more focussed on story and visuals, while other games like No Man's Land or The Tomorrow Children explore the gameplay frontier.

DialgaMarine1453d ago

God, the graphics are just insane. The facial animations, the particle effects, the environmental details... All just so amazing.

And before starts bitching about that split second cutout, just remember that 1) shit happens from time to time, and 2) it proves that the demo is genuine, and not some prerecorded PC build, like some other companies like to use in their games *cough

360ICE1453d ago

These last few days have restored my faith in this game. Looks like there is a decent amount of variety.

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