Microsoft Luring Xbox One Buyers with Big Trade-In Credit

It’s been almost a year and a half since Microsoft began selling its Xbox One gaming console. In that time it’s rolled out some unbelievable deals, including a price cut that makes the Xbox One’s basic bundle a mere $349. Now the company’s Microsoft Store retail are is going back to the basics to offer even more savings. When trading in an Xbox 360 or Sony’s PS3 users can get the Xbox One for just $249.

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Foehammer1359d ago

Great deals

I guess when you pull in 26.5 billion in revenue you cn afford to do that.

Great for gamers


MasterCornholio1359d ago

Well they really need to do this to push Xbox Ones. Which isn't a bad thing at all for consumers because they are getting a next gen system at a much lower price point.

Mr Pumblechook1359d ago

Microsoft are after marketshare not profit.

MasterCornholio1359d ago


By push I mean sell more. And if they sell more they can increase their Market share.

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

Gamer19821359d ago

Sony did the exact same thing at PS4 launch.

Software_Lover1359d ago

"Now the company’s Microsoft Store retail are is going back to the basics to offer even more savings. "

WTF kind of sentence is that?

OT: They have done this before.

XanderZane1359d ago

I could get more then $100 for my XBox 360 or PS3 on EBay and then just the cash toward an XBox One. I can't see anyone trading their systems in at Gamestop, because it's a complete ripoff really.

andibandit1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

No you cant, unless youre including games/accessories, trust me, i've been looking to get rid of my 2 xbox360, one regular and one slim, on ebay.

Dont know about PS3s tho, you might be right in that department.

LordDhampire1359d ago

No im just going to hold on to all my 360 games and accessories....come on mate

XanderZane1359d ago

I sold my Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360 for $450 on Ebay about a month ago.

And I still see a few regular XBox 360 sell for more then $100. Not completely impossible.

I'm getting ready to sell a bunch of 360, PS2 and PS1 in a week or two. Need the money.

andibandit1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )


As a ebay seller of 4 years now i can tell you Never put your trust in those advanced completed listings searches on ebay. And a sw xbox360, would problaby rake in more money as it could be considered a collectors item.

XxExacutionerxX1359d ago

Ok so you could sell an old Xbox 360 20gb with controller and accessories (power brick, av cable) for more than 100 hundred dollars. Yeah, I don't think so. The hundred dollars off the Xbox One coupon is the better deal.

THC CELL1359d ago

How is no thanks trolling it's his opinion. I'd say it's good for people who have the old consoles wanna upgrade then own both next gen consoles as playstation now can replace ps 3 eventually. Then again alot of people like to physically own stuff

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