Face-Off: Dying Light - Xbox One, PS4 and PC head-to-head

Digital Foundry:
For some developers, the start of a new generation offers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and deliver experiences previously impossible on last-gen hardware, while for others, the power is finally there to make enhanced versions of their existing tech shine. Just like DICE's Frostbite and Crytek's CryEngine, Techland's Chrome Engine struggled on last-gen systems, but there's the sense that the technology has finally found its feet on PS4 and Xbox One. Earlier this week, we established that the Polish developer has sorted out most of its performance issues, but with more game hours under our belt we can better discern how version six of the Chrome Engine operates on the new consoles, and factor in the PC version too.

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vishmarx1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

" Between the two console versions we definitely have to give the nod to the PS4 version with its improved frame-rate and better texture streaming, its higher resolution, and a near complete lack of screen-tear. However, anyone with a decent gaming PC should definitely stick to the computer version as it offers excellent scalability alongside further improved visuals."

and the sh**storm begins in 3..2..

freshslicepizza1409d ago

why, this seems to be the case on most games so far.

(high end)pc - >>> - ps4 > - xbox wii u

MelvinTheGreat1409d ago

Lol, keep saying high end pc to justify your ps4. Decent gaming pc =\= high end pc

frostypants1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

@MelvinTheGreat, a $400 PC still doesn't match a $400 PS4. $400 will barely cover the Windows license, CPU, mobo, RAM, drives, power supply, case, input devices etc. before you even get to the GPU. You can try, but the result will be a rickety piece of crap. If you're going to game on a PC, do it right or don't bother. Otherwise, it's not worth the hassle.

freshslicepizza1409d ago

the ps4 is equivalent to the performance of a mid-tiered pc. you're right, you cannot build a pc for $400 that competes but why would you? a pc does so much more than simply play games so you have to consider what you want out of your pc. is it also a workstation, is it going to be an entertainment centre? thats the beauty of the pc, its flexibility. it is also possible to game on linux so you dont always have to have windows but it is preferred.

i would think about $800 and you have a good set-up that will be better than any console and way more options to do things other than gaming on it. the sky is the limit but anything above $1,500 is kind of a waste imo. but again this is the elite who are hobbyists. just like those who spends thousands on big screen tv's and thousands on stereo equipment.

but for $400 the ps4 offers great value and what most people like is the convenience factor, its basically plug and play. pc gaming isn't very difficult to get into though but its still not as simple as console gaming.

GameNameFame1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Console have streamed line easy gaming.

I got house, gf, and a job. Got good PC, but never used if for gaming any more.

Like vast majority of people I choose streamed line couch gaming first. Then good graphics,

And ps4 have mid tier graphics, but being closed console as devs said you can expect twice the performance of same spec at PC.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1409d ago

I love this game.

Of course PC will perform better...

GPU compute shines through again with no framerate drops...

starchild1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I hate screen tearing, stutter and judder so I wouldn't prefer either of the console versions. The PS4 version has judder (and minor screen tearing) and the Xbox One version has screen tearing and judder. The PC version is fairly demanding, but with the right settings PC gamers can get a smooth experience. I can definitely get a smooth framerate on the G-Sync monitor I own.

inveni01409d ago

I have a PC that is pretty beefy. When I choose a platform for a multiplat game, I take the OTHER benefits into consideration. Will there be multiplayer? Which platform is cheaper? Is the primary draw graphics?

So it always depends on the game. For instance, I generally choose PC for games like Far Cry because I play them for graphics and ignore the multiplayer components. But a game like The Division or Rainbow Six: Siege will be ones I need friends on, and so I'll go with PS4 (same with No Man's Sky).

But if graphics are the tipping point, I'll go PC, because it's always better.

None of this, of course, applies to exclusives, which generally feel like top-notch PC games (like The Last of Us, Uncharted 3, The Order, Driveclub, etc.).

NuggetsOfGod1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@froare pants

Why the hell would pc gamers want ps4 level of performance?

I want to play next-gen games at 60fps!

Ps3 area is over man lol

Pay more to get more. I pay double the price for double the fps and resolution.

Devs lower games to 30fps. There is your console optimization lol

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TheXgamerLive1409d ago

So apparently you didn't watch the video right, only the opening frames per second. Xbox One easily takes visuals over ps4 that was in plain view but yes ps4 had a few fps advantage in the begining.

thanhgee1409d ago

"Xbox One easily takes visuals over ps4 that was in plain view but yes ps4 had a few fps advantage in the begining."

Thanks for the joke! hahaha

OB1Biker1409d ago

So he did not give much of an opinion but he just quoted DF 'verdict' and you just totally brush it away with your perception of a compressed vid..

you could as well message Eurogamer and tell them they just watched the beginning of this vid

LordMaim1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Xbox One displays at 1536x1080. They cut out horizontal resolution to save power, and stretched the pixels to fit the screen.

That's closer to 900p than to 1080p.

And from the article: "It's clear that the PS4 version holds the upper hand here, with a much more consistent frame-rate and lower levels of screen-tear."

So I'm not sure on what criteria you're thinking that the Xbox One version is better here.

1409d ago
LexHazard791409d ago

Why would a shit storm in sue?
I mean how much more proof would they need. Cant argue with facts.

BallsEye1408d ago

"better texture streaming"

Funny how in previous article they stated ps4 version have no anisotropic filtering, and suddenly now it has bettr textures? Let's take alook:

so how is it eurogamer? I smell some BS.

NerdStalker1408d ago

Stop being so butthurt and get over it fanboy Ballseye

Azzanation1408d ago

Apart from the X1 screen tearing the visuals on both games look the exact same. I cant even see the difference in resolution. Not bad for a console that is inferior on paper.

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Walker1409d ago

Is it just me or are these "next gen" games a bit, meh? Is it devs struggling with the new hardware, hardware restrictions or just laziness? I don't feel like I've played a true next gen game yet.

True, Techland is a relatively small player but the big devs just don't seem arsed! Ubisoft I'm looking at you!!

starchild1409d ago

What are you talking about? Dying Light is one of the most graphically impressive games yet released. Ubisoft have also released two of the most graphically advanced games in AC Unity and Far Cry 4. Tomb Raider definitive versions is also by a "big dev" and it is one of the best looking games on the PS4.

Ikki_Phoenix1409d ago

yea and we all saw how bad unity was with its kk problems

04STIBluByU1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Wow the XB1 cant catch a break! MS really needs to work on way with getting this console better! PS4TW again! Guess people will keep waiting for DX12...oh wait! MS must hate DF this gen.

IrishSt0ner1409d ago


PC FTW actually. For those of us with decent PCs, XB1 will be doing just fine when DX12 and W10 release.

Ikki_Phoenix1409d ago

maybe they will get dx12 but sony also have the response to that and it is called team ice

Azzanation1408d ago

Team Ice don't make APIs and the PS4 wasn't made with a future API in mind from what we all know.

Brisco1409d ago

They look identical. My brother got it on Xbox one and I on Ps 4, and they are pretty much identical.

Foehammer1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

You are correct, and that's what some are too insecure to post:

"Despite our criticisms, Dying Light is a beautiful game in motion and works well across all three platforms."

Also not posted (typical) are the positive X1 points from the "performance analysis:

"However, the PS4 version suffers from a disappointing lack of anisotropic filtering, with oblique angles producing much sharper texture work on Xbox One."

thanhgee1409d ago

Lol... What are these 'quotes' that people keep making up?

"As things stand, anyone with an interest in the game should be able to enjoy it on any of the three platforms. Between the two console versions we definitely have to give the nod to the PS4 version with its improved frame-rate and better texture streaming, its higher resolution, and a near complete lack of screen-tear."

It's great across all three platforms, on the console versions the PS4 performs and looks better. Does it mean the Xbox one looks bad/performs bad? NO.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

So the constant framerate drops and screen tearing are a sign of excellent performance? It's actually a sign that the Xbox One's GPU couldn't handle the rendered environments. You are too funny...

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