Wonder Boy to Make Return to Gaming in 2015

Carl Williams writes, "The Wonder Boy, and Monster World, games are a cherished piece of gaming that retrogaming fans know all too well. This is a series that has a storied history with Sega, Hudson and a few other key players. The problem with this series is that it is confusing as all get out (Wonder Boy V: Monster World III anyone?). The problems started popping up due to the fact that Wonder Boy and Monster World share a common game world (similar to Mario/Wario). Complicating matters, the original creators- Westone- don’t own the rights to Wonder Boy and many of the characters in the game, those are owned by Sega. That is how we ended up with “similar” titles such as Adventure Island (did you notice the similarities?) which Hudson had to create new characters for but could use other assets that Sega did not own the rights to. Now, why am I telling you all of this?"

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lemoncake1452d ago

Wonderboy in monsterland was first game I had on my sega master system and was a great game, wonderboy 3 was even better. Monster boy has some big shoes to fill, hopefully it will be just as great.

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GokuSolosAll1452d ago

Had horrific flashbacks for a second, I thought it was Magic Boy. Whew.

FlyingFoxy1452d ago

Remember playing the Dragons Trap when i was really young, didn't get very far mind but it was hard and a good game.

Really enjoyed Monster World on the Megadrive, opening doors with the ocarina etc.. shame the game wasn't a bit longer! I never expected this to make a return even though i was hoping it would, closest thing we have to this these days is Shantae.

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