Riptide GP2 Review (Video Chums)

Review for Riptide GP2 on Xbox One. It's time to make some waves! Water-based racing games are becoming an increasingly underrepresented genre so thank Poseidon that Riptide GP2 is here. As you speed through each race on your rocket-powered hydro jet, you'll find it difficult not to enjoy every moment.

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Fasttrack761448d ago

Brought it on my xbox one, cant go wrong for £4

snookiegamer1448d ago

For the money, this actually puts a ton of full priced games to total shame.

Proof! ...We get charged too much for games. Budget/Indie should not exceed $15 and AAA/Full Priced games should not exceed $30.

Make it happen! ...yeah riiiight! Lulz ;/

NiteX1448d ago

It's just an HD phone game...