8 Unreleased Video Games That We Actually Miss

It always feels very bad when games get cancelled. There are numerous reasons of it. Most often it causes lack of funding or a project that has gone off the rails. One feels very bad after watching the trailer and clips of an awesome game and all of sudden the trail just goes cold?

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Hoffmann1409d ago

Thrill Kill?

Everyone played that one anyway :-)

swifty2121409d ago

i really want to Play Pirates of the Caribbean.. it seems an awesome game..

TWB1408d ago

My addition to the list would be Tombi/Tomba 3 :I

Though there is not much of a "we" in the "miss"

maniacmayhem1408d ago

I actually had Thrill Kill. It was a bootleg copy, it was gory but really tame compared to today's standards. Just goes to show how far we have come when it comes to acceptable violence.

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