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ShugaCane1355d ago

I'm cool with Rising 2...

..But where is Zone of the Enders 3, Kojima ?? T_T

vishmarx1355d ago

more ps4 love from kojima!

Yi-Long1355d ago

I was excited about the first game, knowing it was a Platinum Games production, and even more excited when we got it for free through PS+.

Sadly, after installing it and discovering it didn't have an option for the original Japanese voices, I couldn't play it.

Just like censorship, this kinda stuff pretty much can ruïn a game for me.

breakpad1355d ago

with the PS4 logo on the top it is for sure a Rising 2 teaser

user55757081355d ago

will it finally bridge the raiden story gap between metal gear solid 2 and 4? or will we get shafted again?

Mainman1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I'm cool with Rising 2, but not by Platinum games please. Let Koji pro handle it, and make it more like it was in the first trailer rather than how MGR ended up to be.

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Magicite1355d ago

Rising was my most beloved game from Platinum games.

LonDonE1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

@Yi long
You couldnnt play the game just because of the voiceover? My mind has been blown!

I understand it could dampen the experience, but to then not play the game because of it is over dramatic.
I mean its up to u what u do, i just cant understand why a gamer would miss out on an otherwise fantastic but short game.

kevinsheeks1354d ago

I once didn't eat a candy bar because it had nuts. . . aww who the hell am i kidding i destroyed that candy bar >.>

LonDonE1354d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

LOLOLOL indulging in our desires is as natural as it gets! i am eating a WISPA chocolate bar as i speak, sigh getting to fat but WTH it tastes sooo good and melts on my tongue mmmmmmmmm so divine:)

jeremyj29131355d ago

Unfortunately they said that the HD collection didn't sell well enough to warrant a new release :-(

Xman2K1354d ago

Yeah and after playing through them they weren't that great, good but not great. No remorse when I sold my copy after buying it just for the mgs2 demo. As for rising it was a good game at first and then got excellent towards the end and abruptly ended . Beginning the last level I was ecstatic about the rest of the game only to have it end there

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Batzi1355d ago

I was hoping for a new TPP gameplay footage/trailer but whatever..

Snookies121355d ago

We've gotten a good bit of footage from the game... I don't mind not seeing any more, but I was wanting a release date.

KingKelloggTheWH1355d ago

Honestly don't want more rising, it felt like fanfiction to me...Which I guess it was since Koji didn't make it.

Well, hope it's fun at least.

Snookies121355d ago

Seemed like a fun game, but yeah... It wasn't actually part of the Metal Gear story.

KingKelloggTheWH1355d ago

I swear my brother was going to cry from anger when playing it, it was hilarious how angry he got over it (MGS is his favorite series)

Hanso1355d ago

it is.
Its set after MGS 4

bmf73641355d ago

It is centered on Raiden 4 years after MGS4

hkgamer1355d ago

its kind of like all other mg spin offs. but since this is set in the future we can in our heart think of it as canon until we get a sequel for mgs4.

Metallox1355d ago

OMG... yes, I WANT IT!!!

DarkOcelet1355d ago

While that would be awesome, it looks like a Titanfall 2 announcement.

yuukiliu1355d ago

MGR2 on PS4? Yes please. Ohhhh yes please. One of the best action games of last gen IMO.

Black-Helghast1355d ago

gimme some of that weed you smoked while playing the game cause i bought the game and couldn't even finish it cause of how boring i found it lol fell asleep every time i tried playing it.

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