Five Games: Don’t Wait for Morpheus

Here are five best games that don't wait for Morpheus to become in action.

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Usmang1448d ago

VR wouldn’t really add anything, but it could take something away.

OrangePowerz1448d ago

You should try Elite Dangerous with the Rift. I'm not a fan of VR and I don't think it will appeal to the masses, but it can look incredibly cool.

ibrake4naps1448d ago

Next gen will truly arrive when vr does!

SilentNegotiator1448d ago

This will be a short, sad gen if it's defined by a fad like VR.

I've used VR; it's fine. But it's really NOT a game changer. Just another way to view the action.

TheFifthSparrow1448d ago

1. Who out there is really just sitting around and refusing to buy games they want just because they don't have the Morpheus yet?

2. Honestly I didn't go past the first game. Can we stop with the whole "only a single paragraph per page" web sites? It's crap and everyone knows it.

Majors1448d ago

Ive been waiting for VR since SEGA announced it for the Mega Drive way back then..

BC_Master_Haze1448d ago

What was the point of this article? Bayonetta will never come to VR, Nintendo doesn't have it, I just flipped through 5 pages of trash ads on a trash site reading a trash article for nothing :P

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