Does Bloodborne's Difficulty Turn You Off?

It could end up being one of the best PlayStation 4 games in existence. But how many PS4 owners are passing on it simply because of the steep challenge?

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thorstein1357d ago

No. I am looking forward to it. Prebought it the same day I picked up Dying Light.

I loved Demon's Souls and I am (apparently) a masochist.

vishmarx1357d ago

once the order is out and all is said and done
get ready for an onslaught of articles on how bb is cheap and a niche souls ripoff that shouldnt exist.its baffling when i hear people say scholar of first sin will be better than bb or that they are souls fans but they do not even know who miyazaki is

im not even a masochist but the souls games are probably the best thing to happen to AAA games since 2007
pure unadulterated gameplay above all, be it mediocre graphics or poor fps.nothing matters

bennissimo1357d ago

Best of both worlds, though. The graphics on Bloodborne look stellar.

breakpad1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

basically Bloodborn (and previous souls games) are not difficult they are normal...but between the Child friendly difficulty of all other games it seems hardcore...gamers nowdays (specially younger audiences) are used to ridiculous easy difficulty games ..making the upcoming and recent games nearly unplayable and non interesting (see COD, RE6, etcetc)

xfiles20991357d ago

Same here what is with all the crap articles on N4G lately.Nevermind its N4G that is a everyday occurrence

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shodai1357d ago

I love challenging games like these. Its like the creators of this game are saying: I bet you cant beat this game and they dare me by trying to say you cant beat it. Oh you think I cant beat it? Oh you think Im not good enough, i will show you! thats what goes through my head when i play games like these.I accept the challenges because they try to say im not good enough to do them, and I try to prove myself, even if its just for me I still feel a lot of satisfaction.

joab7771357d ago

I'll only be disappointed if it's too easy.

I've never understood. If they are worried, make an easy playthrough. But for the souls or normal difficulty, you get the plat, and the true experience.mayne an added boss or two.

Then ppl can try it on easy and work their way to its intended difficulty. It's better than giving us items to make it harder on ourselves, or join a group.

jb2271357d ago

It does for me personally. I'm not the most skilled player so it gets frustrating seeing the same bits over & over again. The game looks amazing though for sure...has there been any word on whether or not they'll be an easier difficulty setting & whether or not an 'easy' setting on a game like this is anything approaching actual ease?

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DxTrixterz1357d ago

Exactly. That's why I love Souls series so much. Because of challenging difficulty that sometimes raises my blood pressure and makes me swear uncontrollably and makes me throw up my controller around. Love that. Such a great stress reliever. I really hope Bloodborne will have challenging difficulty.

98xpresent1357d ago

I'll have to play it first.

Fro_xoxo1357d ago

These games are not as hard as people claim. You end up scaring people off with the exaggeration.

The difficulty will probably be similar to demons/dark. .
just use your head, period.

OmegaShen1357d ago

Nope, that will get you killed if you think that. No shields and I haven't heard anything about magic.

So its a new ball game, an with that new idea they added. Its going to be a death trap.

stuna11357d ago

No, as a matter of fact it makes me all hot and bothered! Now I have to sit in a tub of cold water and ice cubes.

The harder the game is, the more I'll have to use strategy to beat it. Which is fine by me.

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