Is the Era of Motion-Controlled Gaming Finally Over

TK: "The Wii harkened back to the time when gaming was all about family entertainment. It would remind many of us of the fun we had with the original Nintendo Entertainment System playing classic titles like ‘Duck Hunt’ and ‘Hogan’s Alley’."

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saadd201452d ago

The failure of Kinect 2.0 and the Wii U sales have shown that the interest in motion controlled gaming has declined.

thorstein1452d ago

I think the Wii U sales were weak because many people didn't know that it was really the Wii 2. This past Xmas, my son's best friend was given the Wii U controller pad. His parents were unaware that the Wii U is a whole new(er) system.

They took it back and picked up a PS4.

360ICE1452d ago

That combined with every kid already having an iPad ruins the appeal of the Wii U from a distance.

There are some great games on the system, but I think it's too bad they didn't go a different path.

hillsht1452d ago

God damn do some research before you buy something lol, or talk to the store clerks.

JuleyJules1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

How was he given the Wii U gamepad without a Wii U? It's not available on its own. People need to research when they spend money on things they're not familiar with.

Dubaman1451d ago


That's a screen protector, not the game pad its self. If that's where you're saying your son's best friend got it from, i'm calling BS.

thorstein1451d ago

@ Dubman

Ooops. Here is the Amazon listing. It wasn't in stock as of now. But I know it was sold apart from the Wii U.

And they can be had oem on ebay:

Dubaman1451d ago


It clearly says its a WiiU replacement controller several times though. If someone bought that thinking it was a for a new controller for the Wii then that's their fault.
Of course Nintendo should be doing more to advertise the WiiU to the average consumer. I just dont believe that someone would go to that listing and buy a $200 controller for a (at current price) last gen console, especially when advertised so heavily that its not that.

camshurb011451d ago

I swear man. "They took it back and bought a PS4" ur a dumbass.

camshurb011451d ago

I swear man...."They took it back and bought a PS4"
No they didn't, that never happened. U are a dumbass.

thorstein1451d ago


I agree with you. I am just relating what happened to people who aren't as aware of gaming as we are here.

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KarmaV121452d ago

Explain to me, in what ways was Kinect 2.0 a failure? Besides there being little to no gaming support. It has the potential to be an incredible device but devs don't want to utilize it. So how is it a failure?

freshslicepizza1452d ago

it's a failure because of the lack of software support. that is how you judge the adoption. the playstation move was also a failure because of lack of support. both the kinect and wii enjoyed some success but people have moved on.

now we see the emphasis on virtual reality technology and augmented reality. i can see oculus rift having the most success because the pc is an open platform and facebook now owns it and we all know they have lots of money. morpheus will have a niche market much like playstation move and sony will take a very cautious approach because it's a peripheral. meaning you will never see big budgeted games that are morpheus only games. halolens may also have some success but its likely to be outside of gaming because of the same reasons as morpheus.

MysticStrummer1452d ago

The middle two sentences of your comment answer the questions posed in the first and last sentences of your comment. If a piece of tech does what it's supposed to do but relatively few people buy it and other companies don't use it in their own products, that tech is a failure. Betamax was a higher quality video format than VHS, but VHS caught on so Betamax failed.

OT - Motion controlled gaming is like any other genre. Like platforming games from years ago, it was big for awhile and now it's in a decline. It will never just go away completely, especially now with VR and AR building steam.

pompombrum1452d ago

If developers don't want to utilize it, doesn't that make it a failure in it's own right?

KarmaV121452d ago

Cause the devs are to scared to put the money into developing for it. They've seen cheapy games made and failed because the are boring basic concepts. I agree that it is dead, but I'm no way is it a failure.

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1452d ago
Summons751452d ago

The WiiU's primary controls are standard controls, the motion is back for additional control options.

randomass1711452d ago

I own a Wii U and it doesn't really use motion control all that much...

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AceBlazer131452d ago

Good thing these new consoles weren't built around the belief that motion gaming was the future.....>_>

pompombrum1452d ago

Consoles weren't built around the belief that motion gaming was the future? Every time a Microsoft executive or shareholder reads this comment, the Don Mattrick voodoo doll gets another pin added to it.

stuna11452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

If Vitual reality and AR take off like I believe they will, expect motion control to be hot on their heels! It's inevitable.

Motion Controls and Vitual reality/AR are destined to become the next evolution of gaming.

It may start off slowly but as the technology matures it the next logical step.

1452d ago
GamesGamesGames1452d ago

Motion controlled gaming died in 2011 together with the Wii....

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