Why Single-Player Gamers Should Consider Evolve


Evolve's 4v1 multiplayer is a concept that's resonated with gamers through successful public alpha and beta periods prior to its release on February 10. The game's multiplayer credentials, however, have not been created at the expense of those who want to play it solo. Evolve has effectively little design difference between single- and multiplayer, as well as gameplay and structural details that single-player fans should be comfortable with even while in multiplayer. If you weren't going to play Evolve because you thought it was aimed solely at multiplayer fans, you should reconsider.

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DarkOcelet1360d ago

Evolve really had my interest at the beginning and i was even more interested knowing there you can play offline but after i knew their dlc, the game interest went down to zero. Supporting a game that half of it is sold as dlc is not in my interest at all.

1360d ago
LightDiego1360d ago

Honestly, i don't see how this will atract single-player gamers, Evolve looks like a great cooperative experience, playing alone it's not appealing at all for this game.

Somebody1360d ago

It attracted me the moment they offered the offfline play. As a singleplayer with slow internet at home or zero internet where I worked/stay for most of the week, an offline mode for any game is more than appreciated.

Plus, an offline mode is great for practice or keep my skills up when I'm not playing the online sessions for some time. I had to find empty servers late at night to practice flying helicopters in the Battlefield games and suddenly having others joining in will certainly ruin the practice.

MadMax1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

So no single player story campaign? It's just matches with bots doing same thing over and over? I'm really bummed about this, didnt really realize it was going to be that kind of game.

So this is basically a multi style type game like quake? Destiny seemed alright for a single player experience somewhat. I really wanted this game to focus on single player story!

MeteorPanda1360d ago

why the hell would single player based gamers consider this? You get half a game at full price. dlc for the other half that's not even remotly close to what single player based games can offer.

If you like big monsters go play monster hunter, it comes on 3ds on valentines day cause cap com loves you so much.

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