Kingdom Come: Deliverance Screenshots

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Andy Cull’s brilliant Kingdom Come: Deliverance screenshots show the amazing level of detail in this upcoming RPG.

Andy Cull, a great friend and contributor to the Skyrim Fansite, has been actively involved in the alpha of Kingdom Come: Deliverance — an exciting new RPG by Warhorse Studios. Between working on his new novel and curating the Faces of Skyrim exhibits, Andy’s still found time to post amazing screenshots of the RPG in a new gallery.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a first-person RPG set in 15th century medieval Bohemia. The game will be true to the period, and while the open world and character creation system will certainly appeal to Skyrim fans and others, there’ll be no magic or fantasy elements. In fact, one of the game’s taglines is 'Dungeons and No Dragons' — a clever nod to D&D and other classic RPGs.

Excited yet? We should be. According to what Andy told me:

'The alpha for Kingdom Come : Deliverance is at a very early stage but even now shows huge promise. Another highly detailed, first person RPG in the market place is great news. Until recently Bethesda pretty much had a monopoly on first person RPGs and so other studios producing fresh and exciting titles means that everyone has to raise their game. That can only be good news for RPG fans.'"

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Tapani1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

It looks graphically very real. I remember Epic Games CEO speaking about how one category in computer graphics is about _approximating reality_. However, that is only one category.

Speaking of reality approximation, Kingdom Come seems to be going for that path where realism is the goal. I wonder if that will amplify the "fantastical" parts and effects in the game or if they feel out of place? Maybe they should be done in a very subtle way, so that for example, suddenly a huge fireball doesn't come out of a staff, but it actually is reasonable in size compared to the world around it, and it has a realistic physical effect to the foe it is used against and so forth.

Once the uncanny valley have been overcome, then we will see what kind of graphics will attract different audiences. Nevertheless, Kingdom Come is an important title keeping this in mind and I'm excited to see what feelings it will invoke in gamers!