AMD Offering Discounts For Former NVIDIA GTX 970 Owners Following Memory Controversy

AMD is offering special discounts on Radeon graphics cards for GTX 970 owners who decide to return their cards over the 3.5GB memory issue. The story began with the recent controversy surrounding an error committed by the Nvidia marketing team with regards to GTX 970 specifications.

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XBLSkull1447d ago

very nice, love amd cards.

joab7771447d ago

Yeah, kinda wish I had it to return lol! Very smart PR move though. I can see alot of ppl taking advantage of it.

Lon3wolf1447d ago

Maybe NVidia should of offered free swap for a 980, not sure whether or not to send my 970 back, low move by NVidia advertising as 4GB but not mentioning the way it was split. Must admit the 970 is still a beast of a card for the money.

ninsigma1447d ago

I don't think it's going to be too much of an issue. I just got a 970 as well and found this out afterwards. It will mainly affect 4K gaming I would imagine. But you're right in that they falsely advertised the product. That was a bad move. The 970 is a great card, especially for the cost of it. But I wouldn't say no to a 980 swap :P

Cid331447d ago

first they get all the consoles from an obviously butthurt Nvidia now they pull this troll GG amd

airshiraz1447d ago

gtx 970 is made for gaming in 1080 and its the best for gaming at 1080 and no game will even close to 3.5 gb ram at 1080 and it is much better than 290 or 780 at 1080 so ill keep it

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