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IGN - Discussing a recent ranking of the best-reviewed big game publishers.

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mikeslemonade1445d ago

4. Sony
5. Nintendo
6. Microsoft

Don't give me that "Nintendo has the highest meta score" argument. The criteria for best game is just by the sheer amount of great games. So year in and year out those are the publishers in that order that bring out the most great games.

Also games are graded on different standards. Don't believe me?? How does Dragon Age beat out Bayonetta 2, MK8, and Smash for the most game of th year awards? So you people picking Nintendo are shallow if all you do is pick the highest meta score.

Concertoine1444d ago

Lmao, says the guy preaching GOTY awards.

You shouldnt let any awards or scores dictate your favorite games. One of my favs is Catherine and it only got decent reviews with a few nominations.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1444d ago

Popular and best selling games doesn't necessarily mean "Best" games...

In terms of the most highly acclaimed games, Take Two Interactive, Nintendo, Sony lead the pack.

3-4-51444d ago

Britney Spears had the best selling album one year.

Doesn't mean that album WAS actually the best though.

* It's kind of pathetic hating on Nintendo. It's = to picking on the nerdy kid who just wants to go play his games.

Who cares if all the "cool" kids don't like it.

Realplaya1444d ago

What did Nintendo do to you?

Loadedklip1444d ago

From your own post ...

Dragon Age = 1 great game

Bayonetta, MK8, Smash = 3 great games

Then you wonder why Nintendo won for best overall publisher??? lol

DoggyBiscuit1444d ago

@Realplaya he blames Nintendo for not getting laid

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Big_Game_Hunters1447d ago


Loadedklip1444d ago

100% correct. Nintendo is the only objective correct answer.

After that ... it's truly debatable and highly opinionated.

Magnus1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Squaresoft not SquareEnix
Old Capcom
Sucker Punch
Naughty Dog
Qauntic Dream
Old EA
Old Activision
Level 5
Old Atari
HighMoon Studios I love their Transformers games.

WeaseL1446d ago

Its publishers a lot of those are developers

NewZealander1446d ago

if we are talking constant quality, its gotta be nintendo hands down.

Two-Face1445d ago

And Valve... Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, Left4Dead, Team Fortress 2 and the list goes on. Not to mention all of the DLC is free and good.

They take their time with the games and most of them are revolutionary like Half Life and Portal.

WeAreLegion1445d ago

But Mario & Sonic, Game & Wario, and Wii Party U...

It's like everyone forgets Nintendo actually does make crappy games sometimes.

deafdani1444d ago

Yeah, sometimes.

Yet their quality records is arguably consistently higher than any other developer out there.

Metallox1444d ago

Constant quality, dude.

"if we are talking constant quality, its gotta be nintendo hands down."

He's not saying all Nintendo games are perfect.

1444d ago
randomass1711446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Nintendo has been on a roll sure but there are some other publishers putting out some quality stuff too. Warner gave us Shadow of Mordor and that game is fantastic. :)

Yodagamer1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

I'd agree with warner if they hadn't put out the ps3/xbox 360 port of shadow of mordor. That port was horrible. I feel bad for anybody who bought that half-baked port.

randomass1711445d ago

yeah I heard the same. I only played the PS4 version because I heard the PS3 version was really dumbed down. On PS4 and I think Xbox and PC the game was phenomenal though.

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