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What Life is Strange captures so accurately is the sincerity of being a teenager caught in a confusing situation. With a heartfelt and brilliantly written script, and highly engaging gameplay mechanic to inspire moral conundrums, Life is Strange shines by refusing to accept anything less than the tough reality of growing up.

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Clover9041359d ago

I'm absolutely blown away by this game so far. Dontnod really nailed it with this one.

OrangePowerz1359d ago

I`m pleasantly surprised by the game so far. Since I steered clear of any gameplay videos., reviews or otherwise I didn`t even know there was time manipulation until I started playing the game. I actually only knew about the game because of the article regarding that nobody else wanted to sign it because the character is female. So far it`s a little bit of a mix of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Shadow of Memories (I wish they would do a HD remake of that one) and Heavy Rain/Telltale games.

I also like that it tells me what choice impact the story, in that case if I replay it again I don`t have to do everything different.

Ninjatogo1358d ago

The gameplay style has been done before sure, but the story, the characters, the atmosphere (dat nostalgia). Just finished the demo, finding my card now to pay for the season pass.

I like it; it's a nice break from the heavy action titles that are so popular these days.

SwiftArsonist1358d ago

theres a demo on consoles?

Ninjatogo1358d ago

Yeah, for the PS4 it arrived just today. Quite short, but leaves a good impression imo.

Moe-Gunz1358d ago

Loved episode 1. The only negative thing I can say right now is that wait for episode 2 is going to kill me :(

heychrisfox1358d ago

I'm really glad that the turn-around is going to be pretty fast. I was worried it would be like "play ep2 in Christmas," and the release is due out in March! I can happily wait 30 days :)

belac091358d ago

i just finished ep. 1, i love this game, the music and mood reminds me of portland, it's a masterpiece in my opinion.

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