Why Do Games See Different American & European Release Dates

James of Twinfinite writes "On a Tuesday, roughly 5% of the world is able to sensually slide a freshly born disk into their console/PC and revel in the new experiences that await them. Meanwhile, 10% of the human race populating this cramped little rock looks over the ocean with tears in their eyes and heartbreak resounding within their chests. When North American gamers are rabidly ripping radiant wraps from plastics boxes, those of us lumbered with the unfortunate ailment of being born on the wrong side of the planet curse to the heavens as one. Why do we have to be separated into different segments when we all enjoy the same titles. Well let’s find out, time to take a dive into American and European release dates."

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TFJWM1356d ago

I would think studies or the past has shown the best selling days in the USA is Tuesday and in Europe it sells better on Friday..