Petition to EA to finish production of Star Wars 1313

SWTOR strateies: "In 2012, at E3, Lucasarts showed a demo of Star Wars 1313 and everyone was amazed and excited about it. Gamers were excited to finally be able to play a Star Wars games as the bounty hunter on Coruscant. However, after Lucasarts broke apart EA purchased the game licenses and they ended up cancelling the game"

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DarkOcelet1410d ago

That would be great but i believe we will get something close to this product with Amy Henning/Visceral Games Star Wars and its gonna be awesome.

Grap1410d ago

Think about this Petition as a more of support for Visceral Games Star Wars of course they won't redevelop a dead project.

MasterD9191410d ago

I think this petition is a little late, but it would be nice to see the final product.

mixelon1410d ago

I got the impression tey werent even close to finishing.. I don't thibk a petition is going to help much, this is a multimillion investment, and the people who worked on it have moved on to other things or companies.

Blank1410d ago

As much as I would like to see this come true it realistically doesnt look possible along with that interesting cancelled Darth Maul game.

CyrusLemont1410d ago

We've hardly been shown or told anything about new Star Wars games as of yet, for all we know this could still be in development. I think they might make a spiritual successor instead though.

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The story is too old to be commented.