Xenoblade Chronicles X Doesn’t Feel Real

GeekParty writes: "When I was a kid, I used to purposely stop playing games just as I reached a new town or area. That night, I’d lie awake in bed, my thoughts consumed by the adventures that awaited me. I imagined getting lost in a strange and mysterious forest, or spending hours exploring a dusty castle basement. Eventually, I’d succumb to sleep, dreaming of the games I’d play the next day."

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R00bot1358d ago

I agree, this game is every little kid's dream. Can't wait to get my hands on it and explore every nook and cranny of it's world.

Magicite1358d ago

its neither kid, not adult games, its JRPG first and foremost.

3-4-51357d ago

That sense of awe and wonderment is within all of us.

I still need to play the first one. Just knowing that whatever I play in that, will most likely be trumped in every way possible, less than a year after playing the original is amazing to think about.

I'll get to play these two + LoZ Wii U & MM all in one year.

Good year for games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I was hoping this article would get approved.

I agree with it. Profoundly.

This is the kind of fantasy sci-fi world that is usually reserved only for the fanciful imaginings of the realm of sci-fi novels and the highest grade of sci-fi movies.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this will be the highest-acclaimed RPG on any console in 2015, so long as they make the story as engrossing and wonderful as the world in which it's crafted.

I'm especially looking forward to some of the giant monster battles.
That giant worm-like beast in the ice area of the latest trailer is just BEGGING to be battled in my flying mech...

joab7771358d ago

It just might be. I have a feeling that it may be battling The Witcher 3, but it won't suffer from the same traps that TW3 might.

Anyway, I'll play them both lol! Nothing beats an amazing rpg. I loved Ni No Kuni and Valkyria Chronicles last gen.

Actually, FF14 reminds me of this game for some reason. But right now, I have more faith in XCX. And FF15 probably won't be released til the end of 2016.

LonDonE1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I too will be playing both, i am playing dragon age inquisition at the moment on my xbox one and i have the witcher 3 pre ordered and paid for on my ps4 while xenoblade is also pre ordered and paid for on my wii u! HAPPY DAYS!

Seriously 2015 is shaping up to be one of in not THE BEST YEAR for RPG fans.
Bloodborn, the witcher, xenoblade, and many more and i am loving it!

On topic, xenoblade chronicles on wii was for me and allot of others the best jrpg of last gen! yes skyrim, oblivion, fallout etc were all great but what they achieved with xenoblade chronicles on such limited hardware was mind blowing.

Seeing these guys now building another xenoblade game on wii u in hd gets me giddy with excitement.
I would even love a remaster of the wii game on wii u! either way 2015 is one EPIC YEAR FOR RPGS

mezati991358d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X and FFXV may mark the return of the glorious days of JRPGs.

kingdip901358d ago

Add persona 5 to that list. A good year for jrpg fans for sure

Summons751358d ago

It's supposed to not feel real, hence the Fantasy portion. All that aside, the size and scale in this game look mind blowing. I remember watching the last trailer and just feeling amazed, I can't wait to play the game and just look at all the difference scenery (and jump off crazy heights if there is a way to survive). I also really liked the world felt alive and the party was just running through the landscape past huge monsters and the monsters didn't even attack unless provoked. It really felt like the world was a living place where as literally any other game anything bigger than a rabbit would attack you. Can't wait, this will be the RPG that holds me until FFXV and Persona 5.

F0XHOUND1358d ago

This is certainly the one game that absolutely omits an aura of nostalgic fantasy that I grew up living from games.LLiterally the feeling of what next,which area will iI stumble across or colourful character will show up... linearity is non existent, you're on a journey. I miss new experiences like this. Persona is another great example, but the two big ones, kingdom hearts and final fantasy have their work cut out to recapture this feeling. To be fair, kingdom hearts as a franchise has done very little wrong so I'd hold that as high as xenoblade. Final fantasy is always polished and a joy to play, but I've minor concerns what I've stated above is still an area that's not 100% there for me.

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