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Dying Light builds on the successful elements of Dead Island while bringing is a functional parkour system, a tense environment, and solid co-op to make a fun and challenging open world game.

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MadMax1448d ago

I expected this game to be another boring generic dead island. Boy was I wrong! The running, scaling walls and jumping felt like mirrors edge. Awesome game!

GuruStarr781448d ago

Yeah, I'm about 45 minutes into it (just left the bldg and went outside) and I'm really digging it... I can't wait to unlock co-op and start playing with friends.

MadMax1448d ago

Yea, once you make it outside all the fun begins. Just crashed out in the first safe room till morning. When it started getting dark, it gave me a real sense of paranoi.

Game is gonna get hairball during the night! They really nailed the feel I think. Everything has been massively improved over dead island.

SolidDuck1448d ago

I have almost bought this game twice. But the lack of challenge is what's holding me back. The night time seems cool, but the day time seems so mindless. Between the order, evolve, and dying light I can't decide this month. I only wanted to buy one, maybe 2.

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captainexplosion1448d ago

I feel really stupid but I can't figure out how to climb up one of the towers. I wasted about 30 minutes on it and I think I'm done with the game for good.

ReesesPuffs1448d ago

Are you joking? Just jump up the warehouse and where you see the rod sticking out, run onto it and jump. That should do it. Lame excuse to give up on a really fun game.

kassler1448d ago

Come on, you can't give up like that. Look it up on Youtube or somewhere.

GameCrateEd1447d ago

There's a video in this very review that shows how to climb up one of the towers. Check it out!

Grave1447d ago

This game has exceeded my expectations which is becoming a very rare thing in today's gaming world.

LAWSON721447d ago

Games a blast, flawed in many ways but it plays, runs, and looks great. A huge jump from the garbage Dead Island.