A Chat With Amir Fassihi About Children of Morta

Ahmad Khan writes: "This interview is about a 2D hack n' slash game set in 8 bit pixel style, yup just like pretty much any other game project you see premiering on crowd funding every week...gotcha! Children of Morta is everything you have seen in roguelike retro-games if it was turbo-charged and kicked up ten notches. The flow of animation looks like one is watching a movie length GIF that is crammed with enough pixel-art to make even the most jaded SNES fan salivate. Plus the plot isn't bad either considering it’s a roguelike game: the Bergson family has been living on Morta for generations by working the land peacefully. One day this changes as they notice an evil corrupting effect on Mount Morta, and now with the player's help they will seek out and defeat it. The player will pick any family member from the Bergson family, each with their own unique weapons and abilities."

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