Tales of Zestiria Producer On The Situation With Alisha

After Bandai Namco announced an upcoming DLC episode for Tales of Zestiria heroine, Alisha, fans were rather upset as they felt that the publisher had held her presence back in the main game so they could release her as content you would need to pay for separately. Producer Hideo Baba shared his thoughts on the matter at the Taipei Game Show, Taiwanese website GNN reports.

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Relientk771359d ago

The last PS3 game I'm buying

Snookies121359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

If only they'd magically announce a PS4 port, lol. Yes though, I will be buying this as well.

Relientk771359d ago

I hope they do, and soon

blackblades1359d ago

So he saying he didn't say she was the main, fans assumed well thats whats ya get. It's part of the story simple as that.