Project Scissors: NightCry Should be Amazing, So Why Does it Look So Bad?

Marcus Estrada writes: "The first utterance of a game known only as “Project Scissors” by Hifumi Kono was a tremendously exciting event. As a fan of the Clock Tower series, it was something I wanted to see more of in the modern gaming landscape. Other developers have since created their own takes on its style, but none were a legitimate new release in the series! So yes, I was very excited, but became less excited upon realizing it was meant to be a smartphone and Vita release. No offense, as I’m sure the smartphone market is incredible (especially in Japan right now), but it felt like a total let down. Enter the Kickstarter project titled Project Scissors: NightCry - it’ll bring the game, which is now known as NightCry, to PC! Only, after seeing more of it… I’m not that excited anymore."

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