Nintendo 3DS Emulator Is Finally Able To Play Its First Commercial Game

GearNuke writes: "In case you missed it, there seems to be a large progress on the upcoming 3DS emulator for PC."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1359d ago

Stupid pirates...
Just go buy the damned game!
This isn't something to celebrate!

Nwah1359d ago

Emulation isn't all about piracy, you know. Emulators tend to run games better (or worse in some cases) than the original hardware and can make a good look better than it did. Look at the HD retexture of Xenoblade Chronicles for example, it looks amazing in HD, something the Wii sadly couldn't do.

wonderfulmonkeyman1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

That isn't an excuse to steal games.
And no matter how many counter-arguments you come out with, you know as well as I do, that the majority use of programs like this, is for STEALING RETAIL GAMES so that they can be played without having to purchase the original.

There's no reason to debate this; we shouldn't be celebrating a 3DS emulator's ability to play a retail game!

No amount of "oh, but the emulator does it better!" justifies theft!

Bobby Kotex1359d ago

I support this emulation, but it IS pirating. Stop making stupid excuses.

Hereiamhereibe21359d ago

Only emulators developed by the creating parties ever run smoothly, if you have ANY emulator installed on your PC you are pirating.

My cousin used to do this until he was fined 900,000 dollars and jailed for a month. You will learn the hard way or the easy way.

Nwah1359d ago

I never said I pirated the games. I rip my own games and play them. Why do you all jump to conclusions so quickly? While I myself don't pirate, I don't really care if someone pirates games or not. It's their choice to be a criminal.

The main reason programs like these are created are so that when the original consoles are all old and don't work anymore, people can still play them and enjoy them. All (to my knowledge) of the official websites for emulators even say that you are not allowed to discuss roms or where to get them.
Don't talk about things you have no knowledge about.

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lameguy1359d ago

An emulator is fine. However, ideally folks would buy the games/ROMs instead of torrenting them...

Gamer19821359d ago

Not surprised this is coming along fast considering the power of a 3DS the more powerful a console is the harder it is to emulate.

DragoonsScaleLegends1359d ago

Emulators are awesome so screw your ideology. I could care less for a 3DS emulator since those graphics will suck on a screen bigger than what they were meant for but all the older systems are awesome in emulators. If Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft aren't going to sell me their old games then they can screw off too and I will download every single one I want. Most of the games I download I already own the cartridge, disc, or digital version from said dumba$$e$(Yes all of the big console manufactures are very stupid when it comes to their old games, Microsoft and Sony being the worst) but if I can't get a game except a used copy version or I already own the game anyway I can guarantee you it's being downloaded straight from CoolRom to my PC. Also the Emulator for GC and Wii can make the graphics look better than Wii U games when pushing up the settings.

Razputin1359d ago

How is it piracy when not a single person who uses or promotes an Emulator promotes the downloads of ROM/ISO/Games.

No one ever says "Hey, here is an "XYZ" emulator now go download every game possible..." No they don't.

I have an emulator for quite a few systems, but I also own the actual games and consoles.

I can't play a SNES game on an HDTV (there is some hardware out there that lets you). What else am I to do when my neices want to play games with me, but these new console games are bit too much for them.

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evilkillerk1359d ago

That's still pretty cool because it may help different companies expand their legacy, not everyone wants to play a game on a console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1359d ago

It denies these companies profits when people just emulate everything new that comes out instead of actually purchasing the system and games.

These games should be played on what they were released on; we should be supporting our game makers if we want them to continue making these games!

Nwah1359d ago

By the time this emulator can actually run commercial games with little hitches or FPS hits, Nintendo will have moved on to their next handheld or even one after. Emulators take a LOT of time to develop. Some don't even ever get finished. So any pirates that download games will have very little hit on the profits. Also chances are, the same people weren't going to buy a 3DS anyway.

GokuSolosAll1359d ago

Glad this is happening. Where's our 3DS R4 at already?!

gamecaptor1359d ago

What about emulator of old systems? In some cases, it's the only way to play some games.

jholden32491359d ago

Of course, emulating a game from Japan the west never got or something like that is fine. I don't think anyone would disagree with that statement (provided you do so willing to buy the game if it ever did get ported to Virtual Console or something). I got the ROMs for all 3 Japan only Fire Emblem games on SNES , Binding Blade on GBA and Heroes of Light and Shadow on DS, all with English fan translations. Why? Because I wanted to play those games and there was no other means to do so. But if those games ever get an official translation and localization I am committed to buy the game since I do own the ROM.

MeteorPanda1359d ago

oh that's awesome.. l buy games that l can but region locking denied me rune factory for no reason :<

wonder if these glorious bastards will start localizing jap games :D

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