Wii U 2014 Sales Overview - 3.54M Units Sold, 23.02M Games Sold

VGChartz Writes: "Let’s take a look at the hardware sales of the Wii U. Nintendo’s 8th generation home consoles sold 3.54 million units worldwide in 2014 to bring its lifetime sales up to 8.84 million units. Hardware sales in 2014 were up 13.8 percent year-over-year.

The Wii U sold 1.69 million units during the final two months of the year. That accounts for 47.7 percent of the total sales for the entire year. December was the biggest month for the console where it sold 1.18 million units, followed by November where it sold 511,989 units.

Hardware sales saw a boost in sales in May and June due to the release of Mario Kart 8. Despite only being out for just the final week of May, the game helped increase Wii U sales 101,822 units in May. Sales were up another 136,062 unit s in June."

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Concertoine1357d ago

It seems like nintendo's only chance of passing GC numbers rests on the potential the console has to sell for the 199 sweetspot.

At this point it is still behind the gamecube in the same timespan, to be clear.

ABizzel11356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )


I agree, and this is the year it has to happen. I've been claiming for the last several months that 2015 is the year the Wii U turns things around or possibly be the start of the end for Nintendo and home consoles (still not going to touch the PS4 / XBO, or even NES / SNES in final sales, but it doesn't have to be a GC).

They have to drop to $199 in March to capitalize on their strong Q1 / Q2 line-up, and bring some amazing bundles throughout the year and especially during the holiday.

I said 6m Wii U's 2015 if they can nail all of this, and I still stand by that. However, I seriously doubt Nintendo will do right, because they just don't understand anything about console hardware anymore.

March: $199 SKU (I doubt they'll do it that soon though)

March - August: Q1 - Q2 games

June: E3 (Zelda, Star Fox, Pokken Tournament, Xenoblade, but we also need Metroid, F-Zero, Pokemon Wii U (Pokemon Z), Super Mario RPG 2, Earthbound, etc...)

September - December: Q3 games (start Q4)

September: TGS (Show up for once, and bring the bundles)

$299 Wii U w. Smash + Kart + 2x Amiibo
$299 Wii U w. Zelda Wii U + Wind Waker + Link Amiibo
$299 Wii U w. Mario Party + Nintendo Land + 2x Amiibo

Black Friday: ($179 Wii U consoles only, $249 bundles)

That +6m is very possible, but I don't see Nintendo fighting for it to the same extent MS has been willing to fight for it's place.

LOL_WUT1356d ago

I know people hate it when someone mentions a price cut for the Wii U but, if Nintendo could somehow come to their senses and introduce a gamepadless model for a lower price they could easily get more done. They could even keep the Deluxe at regular price for those who want the full experience similar to what Microsoft offers, I don't get why people are so against this. ;)

stragomccloud1356d ago

Lolwut, removing the gamepad would be absolutely idiotic. Remove that and you remove the only thing that makes them different.

3-4-51356d ago

Yea but GC after a while fizzled out while I think the Wii U, because of IP's, actually has a chance to have more of an impact over the long term.

The last 50% of Wii U's life, should in theory, look better than the last half of the GC.

GC got off to a better start I'd say, but I think Wii U has made the better adjustments, and will have the stronger games overall at the end.

It won't be epic or anything, but when all it said and done, Nintendo will have learned a lot from tinkering with their products and they will have made a profit.

All this will benefit Nintendo as a company moving forward.

It's never selling DS/Wii numbers....that just isn't realistic right now, with ios entering the market and taking a chunk of it.

gerbwmu1356d ago

So did they actually sell 3.9 million since Nintendo released updated sales figures of 9.2 million by end of December?

TheUndertaker851356d ago

No, the article is saying and showing they sold 3.54 million Wii U through 2014

gerbwmu1356d ago

That was my point.....the numbers in the article are bullspit considering we know the actual numbers and this article is off by 400K and based on a website that gives estimations. Before this article came out we knew numbers so I have a hard time taking this article seriously when it doesn't even get basic easily gotten numbers correct

Concertoine1356d ago

I think their FY goal for march is 3.6

SilentNegotiator1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Wow, seriously? Only 3.5 million for the entire year? That's pretty awful.

1356d ago
DivineAssault 1355d ago

gamecube bombed too.. This is sad but im still loving all the great games they release